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Many policies with New York Life can be adjusted, supplemented, or even converted into other kinds of policies. Explore the following possibilities, and then contact your agent regarding your specific options, or log in to your New York Life account.

Layer one policy on top of another:

It’s smart to re-examine your insurance needs whenever you experience a major financial milestone, to see if it warrants enhancing your coverage. When you buy a new house, for example, you may want an additional term life policy that can cover the mortgage payments if need be. 

Change the premiums you pay:

Some of our policies enable you to modify the agreement, depending on your situation and the terms of your policy. If your income rises and you can afford a higher premium, you may be able to shorten your payment window. Or, if money is suddenly tight, you may be able to forgo some premiums altogether, and in fact take money out of the cash value to meet immediate expenses. Whatever happens, we’re with you all the way.

Convert an investment annuity into an income annuity:

There may come a time when it makes sense to exchange the potential for growth—in favor of a consistent, reliable cash flow. Our Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities are designed to meet your immediate or future retirement needs, with steady income, for the rest of your life. Whenever you’re ready, just talk with your agent. The goal is getting what you need, when you need it.


How to get the most out of your agent meeting.

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Get Upgrade-Savvy

Use this comparison chart to learn the different forms of life insurance, so you can consider if and when it’s time to convert.

Download Service Forms

Did you know you can request certain changes or transactions on your own? Use these DIY forms to streamline your time with your agent.

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