10 ways New York Life supports the emotional health of its employees.

New York Life | May 07, 2024

We believe that your overall wellbeing starts in your mind, which is why taking care of your emotional health lays the foundation for a healthier you.

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1. Free counseling for life’s challenges.

We help our employees manage stress and boost their emotional health through our Employee Assistance Program. They can schedule free short-term counseling sessions to receive specialized support with a professional.

2. Support for caregivers.

Caring for your loved ones can take a toll on your emotional health – our employees can get support from LifeCare through subsidized backup childcare, help finding senior care options for aging loved ones, and free virtual tutoring for kids.

3. Support in times of loss.

Supporting families in times of grief is at the heart of our company’s mission, whether they’re our policy owners, community members, or part of our workforce. In 2021, our bereavement leave changed to provide up to 15 days of paid bereavement leave and expanded the definition of "loved one" to allow employees to determine which relationships are most important to them — including significant relationships that may not fit traditional categories. This can help them prioritize their emotional health while grieving.

4. Self guided mindfulness and resiliency programs.

Our Employee Assistance Program is launching a new improved online Mind Companion Self-Care program to support employees where and when they need it. It offers rich self-guided content based on proven clinical techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). These tools can help develop healthy behaviors to improve overall well-being.

5. Assistance while starting a family.

Our fertility vendor Progyny offers a wealth of public information; visit their Emotional Support and Awareness Education hub for articles, podcasts, and webinars on how to cope with your mental health while trying to conceive. Also if you’re enrolled in our medical coverage, you have access to Ovia Health’s mental health resources. In addition to an extensive library of content around physical health during pregnancy, Ovia has resources dedicated to pregnant people who are concerned about mental health. Health coaches are also available to help you create a selfcare regimen that works for your changing needs and changing body.

6. Digital tools to manage stress and sleep issues.

If you want assistance in developing skills to better manage stress and sleep issues, you have a variety of virtual options at your fingertips through Aetna, if you are enrolled in New York Life medical coverage. Based on principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology, the action-oriented solutions could help members build self-awareness and self-management skills to improve emotional health.

7. Virtual mental health support.

Speaking with a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist doesn’t have to require a trip to a doctor’s office. If you are enrolled in New York Life medical coverage, you can take advantage of Teladoc’s virtual options.

8. New mental health resource for children and teens.

This year, employees enrolled in New York Life medical coverage can access personalized therapy, psychiatry, and coaching via video for their children via Brightline. Whether your child needs help building new skills through personalized coaching, sessions with a therapist or psychiatrist, or you need coaching for challenges with younger children, such as sleep troubles, tantrums, ADHD, or depression, Brightline’s expert care team is there to help.

9. Autism Therapy Program.

It can be challenging to find the right support when you or a loved one lives with autism spectrum disorder. If enrolled in New York Life medical coverage, you can access Aetna’s autism therapy program, which offers support, including help finding providers, navigating plan coverage, and applied behavior analysis treatment and oversight.

10. Substance misuse and eating disorder support.

If an employee needs help in slowing or stopping substance use or coping with an eating disorder, they can talk to an expert through our Employee Assistance Program for practical and confidential help. Our medical plan also offers a variety of treatment options and support, including virtual treatment clinics and high-quality in-patient facilities.


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