GoFundMe’s COVID-19 relief fund receives a $50,000 grant from the New York Life Foundation.

New York Life  |  January 27, 2021

Grant will provide funding for families, frontline heroes, and organizations that are experiencing the financial and health impacts of the pandemic.

Today, GoFundMe’s COVID-19 Relief Fund received a $50,000 grant from the New York Life Foundation to support those facing immediate need due to COVID-19 along with organizations working to provide long term relief. The fund is part of the broader COVID-19 Relief Cause, which was started by GoFundMe in response to the extraordinary and wide-ranging needs of those who have been impacted by the pandemic. Tax-deductible donations supporting the Cause are collected and distributed by GoFundMe.org, the charitable and nonprofit arm of GoFundMe, to verified charities and individuals on GoFundMe.

In addition to the grant, the foundations of New York Life and Cigna have founded the Brave of Heart Fund to provide financial support in the form of charitable relief grants to families of healthcare workers and volunteers who lost their lives due to COVID-19. As many of these families have set up fundraisers on GoFundMe and are potentially eligible for grants through the Brave of Heart Fund, GoFundMe will help raise awareness of the fund to its community in an effort to connect people to additional support.

“This grant will help us reach those with urgent needs brought on by the pandemic including PPE for frontline workers, mental health resources, or helping educators and students navigate remote learning,” said Heather Nesle, president of the New York Life Foundation. “Additionally, by working with GoFundMe we will connect more families who may be eligible to the Brave of Heart Fund, where they could be eligible for up to $75,000 in grant assistance. With the Brave of Heart Fund and the COVID-19 Relief Cause, we will be able to help countless families in their time of need.”

“Every day we hear the heartbreaking stories of people who have been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Yoshi Inoue, Executive Director of GoFundMe.org. “Through the generosity of individuals and partners like the New York Life Foundation, the COVID-19 Relief Cause is able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need urgent help and also support the organizations working tirelessly on their behalf.” 

About the New York Life Foundation

Inspired by New York Life’s tradition of service and humanity, the New York Life Foundation has, since its founding in 1979, provided nearly $360 million in charitable contributions to national and local nonprofit organizations. The Foundation supports programs that benefit young people, particularly in the areas of educational enhancement and childhood bereavement. The Foundation also encourages and facilitates the community involvement of employees and agents of New York Life through its Volunteers for Good program and Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative. To learn more, please visit www.newyorklifefoundation.org.

About GoFundMe.com

Founded in 2010, GoFundMe is a fundraising platform that connects people, causes, and charities seeking support with those able to help. GoFundMe provides an efficient and safe platform to raise money for both immediate and long-term needs, while making an impact on a global scale. GoFundMe is inspiring hope and changing lives through giving. Find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

About GoFundMe.org

GoFundMe.org is the advocacy and charitable arm of GoFundMe and is an independent, 501(c)(3) public charity registered in the United States (EIN 81-2279757). GoFundMe.org provides the opportunity for the community to take action on the broad causes and needs that are ever-present on GoFundMe.com. All donations to a GoFundMe.org-supported fundraiser are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. For more information, visit www.gofundme.org.

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