Crafting the right slogan to capture the value of being a New York Life policy owner is a challenge, but we’ve done it many times over the past century. Looking back, our slogans may have evolved to reflect times and society, but they were consistent from one century to the next in communicating the same unwavering values of integrity, reliability, and humanity. Here are the stories behind our most popular slogans.

A good man to know

The company debuted its first true slogan, “The New York Life Agent in Your Community Is a Good Man to Know,” in 1947 amid the post-World War II economic boom. Many people were purchasing homes and starting families, which also meant thinking about how to create financial security. The tagline set up agents as trusted community leaders who could help families find the products that best fit their needs. (And at the time, of course, nearly all insurance agents in America were men. Today, one of every three New York Life agents are women.)

Get the most out of life

As New York Life expanded to add individual retirement planning and investments to its life insurance and annuities offerings, the company’s marketing evolved with the business. Although we were ahead of the industry in developing products to meet these needs, many clients weren’t aware that New York Life offered anything other than life insurance. In 1986, the company updated its slogan to “Get the Most Out of Life with New York Life” in order to promote the full product and service offerings.

The company you keep

This slogan evolved three years later to take into account the company’s agent-centric approach to service and helping clients make the most of their investments. “The Company You Keep” campaign, launched in 1989, focused on stories and images of agents volunteering in the community, reinforcing the company’s values of trust, teamwork, and professional growth.

Be Good at Life

In the 21st century, New York Life continued to craft campaigns that balanced the company’s core values and reliability with modern concerns and goals. In 2016, we rolled out “Be Good at Life” to inspire and enable Americans to make a plan to protect their families and grow their lives with us. By emphasizing the company’s financial strength, mutuality, and agents, our marketing materials demonstrated how having a trusted partner like New York Life can help you take control of your finances and enjoy life.

Helping customers achieve their financial goals in a responsible way has always been how New York Life does business. While the specific words and mediums may change, New York Life’s commitment to integrity, reliability, and humanity remains the same—175 years after the company was established around those very same values.    

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