How to use GenAI to create a work presentation.

New York Life | April 24, 2024

A woman using generative AI to create a presentation

In this article series, we show you how to use GenAI to make your life easier. Our first installment offers steps for how to use GenAI in the creation of presentations at work.

GenAI can be used to quickly create compelling content and transform it into visually appealing slides that are optimized to impress your audience. While AI is no substitute for your own knowledge and experience, it can be harnessed as a powerful tool for quickly creating persuasive presentations that you can then add your own personal touch to. As always, think of AI as your assistant or coworker.

By following these four steps, you’ll be able to create high-quality, accurate presentations quicker than ever before.

1. Choose a platform

A quick internet search will suggest a range of online AI services for creating PowerPoint presentations, from free options to subscription services such as Slides AI. Some AI generators will create an entire presentation from scratch, which can be exported in a range of slide formats, while other services can be directly integrated into your presentation software of choice. While each service has its own features, the basic steps to creating AI presentations are the same. 

2. Perfect your prompt game

Before you start designing your presentation, you should learn how to write effective prompts – the directions you type into a GenAI tool to get the output you desire. These should be as simple and direct as possible, to ensure that the resulting content stays on topic, while also including enough detail to create outputs that are tailored to your audience.

Prompts should include a summary of the content topic, as well as information about tone of voice, target audience, and language use. You can also ask AI to play the role of a particular specialist by using prompts such as: “Acting as a rocket scientist, suggest five tips for launching a spacecraft to the moon.”

Some AI tools will let you specify that they should include links to similar content in their answers. This can help you fact-check the content and ensure that it is reliable.

Note: You should never trust that the output of an AI generator is accurate without cross-checking it against external, authoritative sources. When it comes to accuracy, the buck stops with you.



The secret to an effective presentation is to distill a complex topic into a series of simple and compelling slides that effectively communicates your key message.

3. Create content

Start by identifying your topic. You may already have a clear idea of what this should be, or you can brainstorm ideas using ChatGPT or Gemini. Use prompts such as: “Suggest five ideas for a theme for a slide show presentation, aimed at an audience of HR professionals looking to source a new email provider for their business.” Help AI refine your ideas by adding additional information about your target audience and their needs.

Once you have identified your theme, you can ask ChatGPT or Gemini to create the content for use in your presentation using a prompt. For example: “Create a five-minute slide show presentation on making business operations more sustainable. It should be aimed at senior decision makers in the sportswear industry. Keep the tone casual, but appropriate for a corporate audience.”

Next, read through the output carefully and check that it is high quality, accurate, and suitable for your target audience. You can prompt the generator to refine the content by making suggestions of what to change and how. Again, be specific. Perhaps you need to give it more information about your desired tone of voice or target audience. Consider prompts like, “Please rewrite this in a more conversational tone,” or “Tailor the information to a senior executive audience.”

4. Design and refine your presentation

Once you have generated content you are happy with, it’s time to perfect the design and formatting. This is where you adapt the content to be visually appealing and as concise as possible.

Start by inputting your source content into the presentation generator you chose in Step 1. Next, select the layout and design theme that best suits your purposes. You can ask the tool to suggest images and videos to include, or even prompt it to generate unique visuals from scratch.

You’ll be amazed at how effective AI is for generating slide show presentations, and the technology is continuing to make advances. However, it’s not perfect: You will still need to edit and refine your presentation, as small errors and formatting issues may occur. It’s also important to add some human creativity – give it your personal touch.

Now, go out there and wow your audience!


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