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Why is it a good time to invest in emerging equities?

"...Paulo Salazar, Head of Emerging Markets Equities, Candriam Dominating the ever-changing landscape of global finance and technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI), a revolutionary force that is reshaping industries, economies, and societies..." 


CIOs worry about Gen AI – for all the right reasons

"...And in insurance, according to Alex Cook, Head of Strategic Capabilities at New York Life Insurance Co. The insurer is developing an AI-based tool to help customer service reps better field wide-ranging questions about complex issues. Like, for example, a client question about a rider to a 35-year-old policy the company no longer offers - but is nevertheless still in force. 'Getting answers to questions like that isn't easy, right?' Cook said. 'Often, you've got service reps that weren't even born when those products were issued. 'Quite often today, they'll have to put the client on hold or call them back,' Cook continued. 'It's not very efficient and not a great experience for the customer. The intent is for these generative AI tools to allow that to be a one-and-done type conversation with rapid response.'..." 


Video: How to invest heading into a recession 

"...Lauren Goodwin, economist and Director of Portfolio Strategy at New York Life Investments, tells Quartz how people could invest in sideways equity markets..." 


Video: Should you keep investing in Big Tech? 

"...Lauren Goodwin, economist and Director of Portfolio Strategy at New York Life Investments, tells Quartz where the opportunities are in tech..." 

Mile High CRE

Renter Wealth Creation Fund to Offer Alternative Pathway to Wealth Building 

"...'The New York Life Foundation is focused on fostering generational wealth-building solutions for traditionally underserved communities,' said Heather Nesle, president of the New York Life Foundation. 'The Renter Wealth Creation Fund fits that focus as an innovative strategy that actively encourages savings and provides direct financial support to renters, thereby paving the way for increased asset accumulation over time. We're excited to be a part of this initiative and thrilled that the first properties have been identified.'..." 

Best's Review

Life Mutuals Are Driving Efforts To Expand Middle Market Coverage 

"...That followed smaller but steady increases in previous quarters. Eric Feldstein, executive vice president and chief financial officer, New York Life, said those factors conspired to make 2022 a 'challenging' economic environment for insurers. "Our mutuality, diversified business model and financial strength allow us to take a long-term approach to all aspects of our business," he said. "Mutuality also aligns us with our policyowners" goals, differentiating us from public companies in our ability to make decisions with a view to delivering superior results over the long term.'..." 


3 pillars for leading a culture of growth 

"...LinkedIn's top 100 leaders devote a section of their weekly meetings to sharing what they learned the prior week. At Clear Choice Dental Implants, salespeople review videos of interactions with patients - with their consent - to examine their performance and identify what to adjust. New York Life encourages its agents to join study groups, and those who engage in these groups achieve significantly higher sales - a phenomenon consistently seen across industries..." 


Veteran Municipal bond Manager Robert DiMella on the opportunities in the Muni Market after 2022's Big Sell Off 

"...Yields doubled from 1.03% to 2.63%, causing record outflows of $122 billion. Join us with muni bond expert Robert DiMella, Co-Head of MacKay Municipal Managers, as he shares insights on market recovery and tax-free opportunities. What are the opportunities and risks in the tax-free market now?..." 

Insurance News Net

Solving the retirement planning puzzle - With Todd Taylor 

"...He has spent about half his 15-year tenure at New York Life working in the annuity business, first in an analytics and strategy role and then eventually leading the business, which he took over two years ago. An actuary by training, he said he 'grew up in the company.'..." 


Emerging-Market Funding Gets Creative as Dollar Bonds Dry Up 

"...'If demand is greater than supply that tends to be good for bonds,' said Philip Fielding, co-head of emerging markets at Mackay Shields UK, who said he's buying emerging debt in the secondary markets for his $134 billion bond house as new issuance abates. 'In many cases it makes sense to be invested and then switch into a cheap new issue rather than wait.'..." 


Stock pickers may have an advantage in this volatile market, says New York Life Investment's Goodwin 

"...Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments, joins 'Closing Bell' to discuss markets expectations and outlook..." 


Millennials' And Gen Z's Financial Regrets Are Sending Them Into A Stress Spiral 

"...While funding an emergency account has long been a 'high-priority financial goal' for Americans of all ages, younger workers struggle more to meet that goal than older workers, Suzanne Schmitt, head of financial wellness at New York Life, told Fortune..." 

Motely Fool

78% of Americans Are Struggling to Save for Retirement. Here's Why

"...That's where your retirement savings come in. Unfortunately, a good 78% of Americans have been struggling to fund their retirement plans, according to the latest New York Life Wealth Watch survey. And here are some of the main reasons why..." 

Fitch Ratings

Insurance 'AAA's Unaffected by U.S. Downgrade, Financial Conditions Key Risk

"...The 'AAA' Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) ratings of New York Life Insurance Company, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. and Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America are neither directly nor indirectly linked to government support and are not capped at the rating of the U.S. government..." 


How SEO Agencies Are Adapting to a World Without Traditional Search

"...'We're noticing that pages ranking number one in organic search results aren't necessarily the top source in the same search engine's chatbot results,' said Evan Finkelstein, senior manager of SEO and performance content at New York Life Insurance Company..." 


Financial Newswire, Australia

Hard work and discipline 

"...Being an observant, hard-working individual with good discipline while sticking to a thorough process is just a prerequisite to successfully manage money, according to Paul Xiradis, executive chairman, chief investment officer and portfolio manager of the Ausbil Australian Active Equity Fund, who has been recognised as one of Financial Newswire and SQM Research’s Star Managers for 2023..."     


Are you asking your partner firms these 5 questions?

"...Economic uncertainty and the possibility of a looming recession have investors feeling skittish. At the same time, current market conditions have called into question the strength of the financial institutions with which clients and advisors do business. As a result, both clients and advisors are seeking assurance that strategies implemented today will remain both effective and achievable in the future. When it comes to investing, we know that inadequate risk management can have severe consequences on financial stability. This is true at the individual level and at an institutional level, including at the firms that you recommend to provide the solutions — such as insurance and annuity products — your clients need to build and sustain a financially secure retirement..." 

USA Today

Saving vs. paying down debt 

"...'Focusing only on one approach at a time could have negative effects on your long-term financial health,' said Suzanne Schmitt, head of financial wellness at New York Life. For instance, contributing to your savings, but not paying at least the minimum amounts due on your credit cards can lead to late fees on top of hefty interest, 'which could dig you into a deeper credit card debt hole that is harder to get out of,' Schmitt said..." 


A stunning $72.6 trillion may be handed down in the next decade. How much will you inherit?

"...A new survey by New York Life's Wealth Watch says 15% of adults it surveyed expect to receive a whopping $738,724. Meanwhile, an HSBC survey said that retired Americans plan to leave an average $177,000 to their heirs, while a 2019 study by the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) found that the average inheritance in the U.S. is about $110,000..." 

Nine to Thrive HR Podcast

Mental Health Advocacy: The Power of Workplace Support and Benefits

"...In this episode we meet up with Meg Shea from New York Life Group Benefit Solutions (NYLGBS) to discuss the importance of mental health in the workplace. The podcast highlights the impact of mental health caregiving on work productivity and reveals that almost half of employed adults surveyed have helped a loved one cope with a mental health challenge in the past year..." 


Watch CNBC's full interview with Anastasia Amoroso, Lauren Goodwin and Shannon Saccocia 

"...iCapital's Anastasia Amoroso, New York Life Investments' Lauren Goodwin and Neuberger's Shannon Saccocia, join 'Closing Bell' to discuss the Fed ahead of Wednesday's meeting and recent trends in the market..." 

U.S. News & World Report

What Is a Soft Landing for the Economy? Will We Have One?

"...Julia Hermann, multi-asset portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, cautions, 'Paralysis in cash in times of market volatility can be the enemy of long-term financial goals. Adjusting money market yields for inflation over the past several decades shows that the relative "safety" of short-term Treasuries has not preserved wealth over time. Rather than sitting this cycle out, we see many reasons for optimism.' Hermann also suggests, "The resurgence in global yields has reopened an opportunity set for investors that's been closed for the past decade. We like the idea of pairing exposures based on yield (credit risk) and duration (interest-rate risk), so investors can fully participate in income generation potential while also keeping their risk tolerance close in hand..." 


Boomers' $72 trillion Great Wealth Transfer to millennials may come with strings attached 

"...'Millennials, and now Gen Z, have grown up amidst global and financial turmoil,' Suzanne Schmitt, Head of Financial Wellness at New York Life, tells Fortune, pointing to the financial crisis of 2008 and the pandemic hardships. 'These two cohorts have witnessed economic changes in their formative years and may be more risk-averse when it comes to financial habits than their predecessors.'..." 


High Rates Make Annuities Hot Investments. The 100 Best. 

"...Annuity payouts and guaranteed income are the highest they have been in more than a dozen years. Investors, aiming to take some risk off the table as they either build their nest eggs or prepare to live off their savings in retirement, are locking in annuities at an unprecedented rate. Sales of the products surged 23% last year to a record $312.8 billion, and the buying spree continued this year, according to the Limra Secure Retirement Institute..."

[Two of New York Life’s products – Premier VA and IndexFlex – were included in the Variable Annuity Variations category of Barron’s Best Annuities feature for 2023.] 


Video: Lauren Goodwin from New York Life Investments discusses Federal Reserve Raising Rates to Tackle Inflation 

"...Let's bring in Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. The Fed is front and center, they have been out front in raising rates to tackle inflation..." 


Can you cash in a paid up life insurance policy? 

"...But policyholders should be aware that a decision to cash in a fully paid permanent life insurance policy is permanent, says Frank Citera, a vice president at New York Life..." 


Can I change the amount of coverage on my term life insurance policy during the duration of the term? 

"...Policy owners can decrease the amount of their term life policy, though the amount can vary depending on the policy and the insurer, says Frank Citera, a vice president at New York Life. But they cannot increase the amount of coverage without purchasing an additional policy..." 


STEM Alliance Co-Op Summer Program Earns National Recognition

"...The STEM Alliance announced that its Co-Op Summer Enrichment Program has been selected as one of only eight nationwide finalists for the prestigious New York Life Foundation's Excellence in Summer Learning Award. This is the second year in a row that the program has advanced to the finalist stage..." 


Audio: New York Life Foundation and NYC libraries to Give Away 15,000 Books for Free 

"...Speaking of books New York city's 3 library systems the Brooklyn, New York and Queens public libraries are all teaming up with the New York Life Foundation to give away some 15,000 books to families around the city..." 


More Than Half of American Adults Aren’t Sure How To Manage Their Inheritance

"...'Gen Xers in particular report struggling with rising credit card debt as interest rates have increased over the past year, likely because many find themselves caring for multiple generations,' said New York Life Head of Financial Wellness Suzanne Schmitt in a release..." 

Los Angeles Times

Have student loans? These employers will help you pay them off 

"...New York Life Insurance Co. introduced its student loan repayment program in 2017 and now contributes $170 a month toward an employee's student debt for up to five years, which adds up to a maximum of $10,200 a person. The company has so far contributed more than $11 million, with more than 2,000 employees enrolled in the program since it began. More than 170 employees have paid off their loans, New York Life said..." 

CNBC: Closing Bell

Video: Lauren Goodwin of New York Life Investment Management Gives Insights into Economic Trends 

"...Gabriela Santos, JPMorgan Asset Management and Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments, join 'Closing Bell' to discuss markets, inflation and the Fed ahead of tomorrows CPI report..." 

Best's Review

Insurers Working To Narrow $12 Trillion Gap in US Life Insurance Coverage 

"...Jackson, of New York Life, said his company's efforts to reach underserved communities began decades ago as a business initiative for Asian consumers. Initially, the company focused on the move as good business sense, but over time the project was expanded as part of a larger mission to fill the financial gap many of those communities encounter..." 

Retail Leader

Consumer research snapshot: Consumers are spending more than saving

"...Women's wages are lower on average than men's due to less pay for the same work, more work in low-paying or part-time positions and due to the so-called 'motherhood penalty' - the missed wage increases and promotions women experience because they take more time off for child rearing, according to New York Life's Wealth Watch survey . Women in the U.S. have higher student loan debt on average, also affecting savings negatively, the survey found..." 


Stock Market Rally That Shocked Everyone Is Broadening Beyond Tech

"...'It's contributing to the narrative,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. 'Broadening of economic performance can fuel optimism around broader equity market performance.'..." 


Assisted living would cost $100,000 a year where we live. We’re almost in our 60s, should we get long-term-care insurance? 

"...Just a quick note for readers not familiar with long-term care: this is different than healthcare, which can pay for doctors, medications and hospital visits, and is also quite expensive. Long-term care covers 'against elder events,' said Jeff Beligotti, vice president and head of long-term care solutions at New York Life..." 

The Trade News

Candriam expands partnership with parent company New York Life Investments to break into the US offshore market 

"...'Our daily conversations with US advisors enable us to see first-hand how tricky market dynamics are driving their offshore clients to seek new investment ideas; these insights, in turn, empower our sales teams to work closely with intermediaries and platforms to deliver best-in-class solutions to this market segment,' said Jac McLean, head of US distribution at New York Life Investment Management..." 

Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

3 Reasons Your Organization Should Become An Adoption-Friendly Workplace 

"...'For more than 178 years, New York Life's commitment to be there for families when we're needed extends to our workforce, including those who turn to adoption to achieve their dream of having a family,' said Joanne Rodgers, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources, New York Life..." 


The coronavirus pandemic's ongoing legacy: COVID orphans 

"...It cited programs such as staff training, in-school crisis teams, partnerships with child-welfare agencies, and the involvement of the New York Life Foundation, which funds mental-health agencies and provides in-person and virtual grief counseling..." 

CNBC Closing Bell

Video: Lauren Goodwin of New York Life Investment Management Gives Insight into Market Trends 

"...Well, let's expand the conversation and bring in Lauren Goodwin of New York life Investment Management, welcome back. It's nice to see you and when I look at your notes right up at the top growth equity AI bubble could get popped when the labor market takes a hit..." 

Investment Week

Bank of England is running out of ideas to tackle inflation 

"...Jamie Niven, senior fund manager Candriam, argued that the aggressive policy 'may result in a return of credibility to the Bank and result in a recovery of some cross market underperformance seen recently'..." 

U.S. News & World Report

How to Lower Your Student Loan Payments 

"...Some private sector employers, such as Ally Financial and New York Life Insurance Co., will contribute a set amount toward your monthly payments..." 

The Salt Lake Tribune

Gov. Spencer Cox and John Bridgeland: How Utah is helping children who lose a parent or caregiver

"...The New York Life Foundation is supporting this system to transform the bereavement journey for children and families..." 

Business Insider

'Fundamentals still matter': A portfolio manager at a firm managing $17 billion warns stocks are due to sink 15% as AI hype fuels the current rally and drowns out recession alarm bells

"...'The excitement about generative AI has distracted investors from the possible risks of a looming recession,' said Lauren Goodwin, an economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, in a note this month..."   

Digital Insurance

Dig-In 2023 panelists discuss insurance digital transformation

"...In a case study session held on June 5, 2023, by New York Life's (NYL) Betty Smith, CIO of Foundational Insurance Business, and Virtusa's Ganesh Iyer, EVP and SBU head of Insurance, the panelists discussed how their partnership and digital transformation have impacted and accelerated NYL's operations..."  

Pensions & Investments

AI Stocks Supercharge a Tech Bull Market—and Maybe a Bubble

"...New York Life Investments ranks #25 on Pensions & Investments' Largest Money Managers 2023 list, moving up two positions from last year..." 


Father’s Day Index 2023: Dad’s salary jumps 5% to nearly $55,000

"...Whole life is ideal for individuals who want guarantees and the ability to accumulate savings, New York Life's Kuhl says. Specific whole-life policies are also eligible for annual dividends that can be received as cash, used to reduce or pay premiums, or be reinvested into the policy and increasing the total amount of coverage, she says..." 


AI Stocks Supercharge a Tech Bull Market—and Maybe a Bubble

"...The speed with which the AI narrative transformed previously glum investor sentiment has been as breathtaking as the rally itself. 'The really big AI weeks' hit near the end of May, says Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments..." 


Consumers are keeping the U.S. out of a recession. It's getting harder 

"...'We're seeing in the aggregate data a major bifurcation between lower- and middle-income segments of the consumer to the broader economy and the higher-income consumers,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments..."  

Life Annuity Specialist

New York Life’s Surprising $1.79B Growth Engine for Retail Annuities

"...New York Life sold $1.79 billion of payout products, which include immediate and deferred income annuities, as well as structured settlements, during the first three months, according to data from Limra. It was one of at least seven carriers in the top 20 that had triple-digit sales gains ..." 

The Trade

Candriam restructures trading globally to expand high touch capabilities

"...'These changes, underpinned by a structured approach, illustrates Candriam's commitment to aligning its trading desk with the evolving demands of the market,' said Petitcollot in the memo..." 

Bloomberg Markets

Video: Goodwin: Will See Job Losses in Q4 

"...Lauren Goodwin, economist at New York Life Investments, which has about $600 billion in assets under management, joins Bloomberg Markets..."  


NAIFA's Diversity Symposium: Bigger and Better Than Ever

"...The first session featured Diversity in Government Relations Coalition (DGR) Co-Founder Cicely Tomlinson and New York Life Vice President of Office of Governmental Affairs Whytne Brooks..." 


How New York Life is planning for life after the data center

"...When the project is complete, 'we envision about a third of our applications will be in our (colocation) facility, a third of our applications will be in our cloud environment, and a third of our applications will be hosted (by) the SaaS provider,' Cassidy said. New York Life uses private tenants on AWS for its cloud computing needs and selects colocation facilities around the country to fill in the gaps between AWS regions as needed..." 

U.S. News & World Report

U.S. Debt-Ceiling Deadline 2023: What Investors Should Know

"...'There is a wide divide between Republicans who want spending cuts and Democrats who want to raise the debt ceiling, which is pointing to a long, drawn-out fight over the budget and debt ceiling. We expect disaster to be avoided, but there are costs to 11th-hour brinkmanship,' says Lauren Goodwin, economist and director of portfolio strategy at New York Life Investments..." 

The ETF Store

Candriam’s Alexandra Russo Discusses State of ESG Investing

"...Alexandra Russo, Head of ESG Client Portfolio Management for the U.S. with Candriam , offers perspective on what's gone wrong with ESG investing over the past several years and where the focus should be moving forward..." 


The Hill

Americans owe $1 trillion in credit card debt

"...Older Americans tend to owe more card debt. A New York Life survey found that the average Generation X consumer with a balance owes just over $7,000 , compared to an overall average debt of $6,321 per cardholder..." 

Deseret News

Where can Utah families turn for support when mom or dad dies? 

"...The New York Life Foundation has invested more than $70 million to support bereaved children in the last 12 years, according to Heather Nesle, foundation president..."


Life insurance sales plummet despite the need for it

"...Amanda Kuhl, senior vice president and head of life products at New York Life, says that life insurance policies 'can be considered an asset class of their own,' helping in tax diversification or offering policyholders the opportunity to leave a more considerable legacy..." 


New York Life: A Creative Approach to DE&I

"...Kathleen Navarro leads New York Life Insurance's integrated diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and manages the HR business partners, strategy, and analytics teams. During Navarro's tenure, the company has received broad recognition for its inclusion efforts, including being named one of the Best-of-the-Best Corporations by the National Business Inclusion Consortium in 2022..." 


Too early to be ‘fully’ defensive in portfolios, says New York Life Investments’ Lauren Goodwin

"...Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments economist, joins 'Closing Bell' to discuss the Fed's checklist and reacts to reports of a Covid surge in China..." 

U.S. News & World Report

15 Companies That Help Pay Off Student Loans

"...New York Life Insurance Company...At New York Life, another major insurance company on the U.S. scene, employees can benefit from company contributions of $170 per month toward their student loans. The lifetime maximum tops out at $10,200 after five years of contributions, and employees are eligible from their first day with the company. All non-officer employees with student loans can participate..." 


Forget quiet quitting. Millennials and Gen Zers are quietly working second jobs as they live paycheck to paycheck 

"...To be sure, some Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with a large rainy day fund under their belt. People with an emergency savings account have an average balance of $16,800, per the 2023 New York Life Wealth Watch Survey..." 


IndexIQ unveils actively managed real assets ETF. 

"...Sal Bruno, CIO of IndexIQ, added: 'Real assets, such as real estate and infrastructure, can play a meaningful role in portfolios, particularly in an environment with rising rates, continued volatility, and inflation.'..." 

Buffalo News

'I've cried with many families': Navigating life after a child has died. 

"...Both programs are free, thanks to sponsors that include the New York Life and Rich Family foundations, as well as community donors who gave money to P.U.N.T. last summer after the death of Luke Knox, the brother of Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox, who played the same position at Florida International University and died unexpectedly last Aug. 17..." 

Fast Company

Women in the U.S. are about to gain significant wealth. Here’s what that means.

"...According to data from New York Life Wealth Watch survey, more women reported having retirement savings compared to a year ago (32% in December 2021 vs. 36% in December 2022) and 52% of women reported having a financial strategy in place, with an additional 12% interested in developing one..."


The annuity industry eyes another record year after 2022's grand slam performance.

"...'Fixed-deferred or multiyear guaranteed annuities remain attractive as bond alternatives in a rising-rate environment, but we're also seeing the broader protected accumulation category of annuities appeal to investors - especially those in the 'red zone' of retirement which is five years before and five years into retirement,' said Todd Taylor, head of retail annuities at New York Life..."

Think Advisor

Prepare clients for the cost of long-term care

"...In fact, according to recent data from the New York Life Wealth Watch survey, 18% of Americans who have a financial strategy in place had to change their strategy in 2022 to provide care for a family member, and 24% of those in the 'sandwich generation' (Americans who care both for children and aging relatives) did not report feeling confident about their ability to provide financially for their aging relatives..."

U.S. News and World Reports

U.S. debt-ceiling deadline: what investors should know.

"...'There is a wide divide between Republicans who want spending cuts and Democrats who want to raise the debt ceiling, which is pointing to a long, drawn-out fight over the budget and debt ceiling. We expect disaster to be avoided, but there are costs to 11th-hour brinkmanship,' says Lauren Goodwin, economist and director of portfolio strategy at New York Life Investments..."


New ETF will focus on real estate and infrastructure.

"...The IQ CBRE Real Assets ETF (IQRA) will begin trading on Wednesday, with holdings in both real estate and infrastructure..."

ETF Trends

IndexIQ Launches Active CBRE Real Assets ETF.

"...'Real assets, such as real estate and infrastructure, can play a meaningful role in portfolios,' said IndexIQ's CIO Sal Bruno in a news release..."

Advisor Perspectives

The Behavioral Benefits of Annuities (podcast).

"...Todd Taylor is the head of retail annuities at New York Life and the author of several pieces of research on retiree behavior. Today he joins us to discuss the often-overlooked behavioral benefits of annuities..."

Yahoo! Finance

April jobs report: 'This is a really complicated number for the Fed,' economist says.

"...New York Life Investments Portfolio Manager and Economist Lauren Goodwin and EY Chief Economist Greg Daco join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the April jobs report, the road ahead for the Fed, the expectations for another rate hike in June, economic headwinds, and the outlook for a recession..."


Stocks fall, dollar rises as investors eye weakening economy.

"...While the idea of a pause in U.S. rate hikes was welcome news for U.S. investors, it came with the implication that the economy is slowing, said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments in New York..."

The Post and Courier

$750K donation to boost IAAM genealogy research center.

"...'We are proud to continue our support for the International African American Museum with a particular focus on the first-of-its-kind Center for Family History,' said Heather Nesle, president of the New York Life Foundation. 'Our grant will help individuals and families trace their ancestry and preserve important records.'..."


How the bank crisis hits the economy

"...'FOMC members will have seen that data before making a decision, and before investors will have the same context. A rapid worsening of already-tight credit conditions, driven by recent bank failures, could prompt that change,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, in a research note..."

FT Advisor

New CIO for multi-asset investment manager.

"...Forest had been Candriam's global head of fixed income since 2013 and the appointment follows the recent appointment of Vincent Hamelink, Candriam's current CIO, as the new chief executive-elect of Candriam..."


Interest rate cycle is reaching the ‘eighth or ninth inning,’ says Hightower Advisors’ Stephanie Link.

"...Stephanie Link, Hightower Advisors, and Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments, join 'Closing Bell' to discuss the markets reaction to a new batch of economic data and how that might impact the Fed's rate hike decisions in the coming months..."

Fund Intelligence

Mutual Fund & ETF Awards 2023; 2023 shortlist.

"...The With Intelligence ETF & Mutual Fund Awards has just been announced, and IndexIQ is a finalist in several categories: Alternative ETF of the Year - HFXI; ESG/ Impact ETF of the Year - ESGB; Newcomer ESG/Impact ETF of the Year - IQHI; Newcomer ETF of the Year - IQHI; Newcomer Fixed Income ETF of the Year - IQHI..."


Wall Street stirs as debt ceiling brinksmanship mounts.

"...'The debt ceiling battle has two components that may impact investors: the battle itself, which is political, and the underlying economic issue of debt sustainability,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. 'There are real costs to brinkmanship, even if an outright disaster is avoided.'..."

The Financial Times

Asset management chiefs — changing of the guard (subscription required).

"...Meanwhile, asset managers are locked in a war for talent, notably in areas such as private assets, technology and sustainable investing, and trying to keep investing in their businesses to stay ahead of the competition. 'The pressure on cost, inflation of wages, and the war on talent is really here to stay,' said Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, chief executive of NY Life Investment Management.And the pressures we have on regulation, compliance and all the requirements mean the business is becoming more demanding. . . all of this is costing a lot in terms of investment to be really efficient as an organisation.'..."

Equal Opportunity Reader

Gabion thrives in the tech at New York Life.

"...Gabion describes New York Life's culture as welcoming and inclusive. 'The company doesn't feel hierarchical, and there's mutual respect among colleagues and those in more senior positions'..."


Watch CNBC's full interview with New York Life's Lauren Goodwin and VantageRock's Sheffield.

"...Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments economist, and Avery Sheffield, VantageRock Capital co-founder, join 'Closing Bell' to discuss the recent market performance, why investors should stay invested in today's market, and more..."


Stocks end Friday's session little changed, Dow snaps 4-week win streak.

"...This year's market rally has been led largely by the Big Tech names, which means the upcoming earnings reports from those companies offer little upside for investors, according to Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments..."


Childcare is so expensive that families are spending a quarter of their income on it.

"...'High-cost childcare-or a lack of affordable childcare-can be disruptive to families' long-term financial security, and increases in costs due to inflation can add up,' Suzanne Schmitt, head of financial wellness at New York Life, tells Fortune. 'Childcare hinges on workplace and societal support, as the childcare sector has faced significant challenges, which has had a downstream effect on parents'..."

Wall Street Journal

Life Insurance Is Profitable Again, but Too Late for Many Insurers  (subscription required).

"...The winners have been mutually owned insurers such as Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., New York Life Insurance Co. and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. Owned by their policyholders, they don't face Wall Street's quarterly earnings pressure, and because they can take a long-term view, have more flexibility in profit-margin goals. Also, they kept their agents, who sit at kitchen tables and give consumers the confidence to buy a typically sold-not-bought product..."

Wall Street Journal

Bank Failures Rattle Market for Short-Term Lending (subscription required).

"...New York Life keeps roughly $500 million in the commercial-paper market at any given time, 'keeping their name familiar' should the company ever need to borrow more, said Tom Hendry, senior vice president and treasurer. It might tap the market if normal cash flows were unable to meet an uptick in surrenders -- policy cancellations that trigger a cash payout -- or policyholder loans, and its high rating allows it to borrow at favorable rates compared with other companies..."


Recession risk not already priced into the stock market, says economist Lauren Goodwin.

"...New York Life Investments' Lauren Goodwin and Virtus Investments' Joe Terranova join 'Closing Bell' to discuss bank earnings estimates, recession fears, and Fed policy going forwards..."


What to look for in the Fed’s latest meeting minutes.

"...Other economists, like Lauren Goodwin at New York Life Investments, are less interested in who agrees on where interest rates should go. She's looking for signs of disagreement over interest rate policy. 'Fed meeting minutes tend to be an early indicator of where debates are emerging that might suggest the path of policy ahead is a bit less certain,' Goodwin said. She said that could mean fewer rate hikes or even a pause at the Fed's meeting next month..."

BNN Bloomberg

Stocks relief rally short-lived as may hike eyed: markets wrap.

"...'The March inflation data confirms that the disinflationary process is intact, but moving very slowly. Core CPI is still running far above target,' said Lauren Goodwin, portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. 'The Fed would have to see a slowdown in core CPI to accept that monetary policy has been tightened far enough. Absent that evidence today, we expect to see another 25 basis point hike in May before the Fed pauses'..."


Building financial independence for women through financial literacy

"...Savings: When it comes to saving money, women put away less than half the amount men saved in 2022, with women saving an average of $3,146, compared to the $7,007 saved by men, according to New York Life's 2023 Wealth Watch survey..."


The 'sandwich generation': taking care of children and parents at the same time.

"...More than 11 million Americans are sandwiched between raising children and caring for an adult family member according to The National Alliance for Caregiving. A report from New York Life says many family caregivers are experiencing a decline in their health and economic well-being since the pandemic..."

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Leaders international 2023 - David Cruz

"...Next year, New York Life wants to continue to support employees, agents, and the community through a comprehensive DEI program. The program increases the number of offerings and the reach of the DEI Center for Awareness & Advocacy which helps employees thrive in their career, supports managers in developing diverse talent and connects employees across the company..."

Profiles in Diversity Journal

Profiles in Diversity Latino Leadership International 2023

"...Jose N. Barros Managing Director, New York Life Investments COO U.S. Distribution has been recognised as a leader with Profiles in Diversity Journal..."

Money Managment

Where do Australian equities stand against 2023's choppy waters?

"...Paul Xiradis, executive chairman, CIO, and head of equities at Ausbil Investment Management agreed demand could return across calendar 2023 with the re-opening of Chinese markets. 'China is set for recovery on a much faster COVID reopening and significant policy stimulus focused on infrastructure investment. Australia will continue to benefit as a net exporter of commodities driven by both the cyclical pick-up in Chinese resources demand and the underlying long-term structural trends including decarbonisation that are commodity demand intensive,' he said..."


Wall Street ends down as weak economic data fuels recession fears

"...'The number of job openings has decreased, which makes people worry that hiring is going too slow, and that will be bad for the economy. That feeds into recessionary fears,' said Sal Bruno, Chief Investment Officer at IndexIQ in New York..."


5 advanced money skills millennials should know, according to experts

"... A 2022 Wealth Watch survey conducted by New York Life and reported on by CNBC found that millennials managed to achieve the 'greatest overall savings' for the year. They stashed an average of $6,042.67 in 2022 but also reported a large amount of credit card debt. Millennials carried an average of $5,927.75 in credit card debt, not to mention they still have outrageous amounts of student loans..."

Sport Business

Yankees ink sponsor deal with New York Life

"...The New York Yankees of Major League Baseball have announced a multi-year agreement with insurance company New York Life in a deal that includes stadium signage and brand presence throughout Yankee Stadium, as well as digital and social media activity and activations at local community events..."


Five takeaways from the Sustainable Finance Forum

"Despite an anti-ESG sentiment showing itself among some, there is a long-term positive trend in interest in ESG, said the experts during the event. But, “we need to be very clear about how we reconcile sustainability with financial objectives. I think there is a real need for clarification at this point in time” to make sure the trend continues, said Candriam’s head of ESG client portfolio management, Marie Niemczyk-Dot."

Business Insider

Diversity has been a big problem for life insurance, but companies say they're trying to address the problem head-on

"...But diversity doesn't stop at the hiring table. It also involves working to 'close the opportunity gap for young adults who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunities to work in a corporate environment, which typically includes those individuals from disenfranchised communities,' according to Kathleen Navarro, senior vice president and chief diversity officer at New York Life. The question is, does this translate to long-term careers and leadership roles? In assessing the performance of the New York Life Year Up intern program for interns who might not otherwise enter corporate life insurance, Navarro has 'witnessed many of these young diverse adults thrive with many having been promoted several times'..."

Vator News

More workers are becoming caregivers thanks to the mental health crisis

"...'The increasing rate of mental illness is a growing concern, impacting both individuals navigating these challenges and the loved ones who are supporting them,' said Meghan Shea, Vice President and Head of Strategy and Solutions at New York Life Group Benefit Solutions. 'While many employers have increased benefit offerings designed to address eldercare and childcare needs, caregiving associated with mental health is an area of opportunity - and our research shows employees are turning to their workplaces for this kind of support'..."

Sports Business Journal

New York Life unveils Yankees sponsorship

"...New York Life Chief Brand Officer Kari Axberg stressed the halo effect of the Yankees, and the association of two 120+ year-old New York brands, as rationales for the deal. 'Driving awareness and consideration are always key metrics for us and we also want to provide some business-driving access to our agents,' she said..."

Life Annuity Specialist

Innovation Takes Off as Fixed-Rate Annuities Enter a 'Golden Age'

"...Todd Taylor, head of retail annuities for New York Life, said in an email that the company has built its external distribution team with people with expertise across different products to enable the carrier to dedicate resources to areas seeing big jumps in volume. The strategy has been tested over the last year, he added, but appears to have paid off as the company finished 2022 as the No. 1 annuity seller in the country. Sales in the company's career agency channel were up 38% last year to $9.7 billion and in its external distribution channel more than doubled to $13.2 billion, he said..."

Financial Newswire

2023 a "tale of two halves": Ausbil

"...Co-Portfolio Managers of Ausbil's Australian Small Cap fund, Arden Jennings and Andrew Peros, said quality industrials have signalled strong earnings growth, alongside the resources and energy sectors that have adapted to demand for the decarbonisation thematic, copper, nickel and rare earths..."

GW Today

Breaking the bronze ceiling

"...Heather Nesle joined Monumental Women's board of directors, and New York Life offered a challenge grant of $500,000, which helped the group reach its $1.5 million fundraising goal. The statue was unveiled on Aug. 26, 2020, the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19 Amendment granting women the right to vote..."

Life Annuity Specialist

New York Life CEO reaps benefit of annuity boom in first year (registration required)

...New York Life CEO Craig DeSanto had a major accomplishment to crow about in his first year on the job. The mutual insurer had an industry-leading $23.2 billion in sales of annuities last year, including premiums paid for fixed and variable deferred annuities, and for guaranteed income annuities, according to a company news release on its 2022 results. That was a 70% jump in sales..."


JAG Institute releases annual report indicating increased rate of childhood bereavement

"...The JAG Institute, in partnership with the New York Life Foundation, today released the 2023 Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model (CBEM) National Report which approximates rates of U.S. childhood bereavement..."


Want to invest in companies that empower women? Here's what you need to know

"...For New York Life Investments, putting money toward fixing the gender gap is part of its mission. The firm's IQ Engender Equality ETF (EQUL) donates a percentage of its management fee to Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that aims to boost the number of women in computer science. The fund is just over a year old, so while it grows assets, it is also augmenting its donations to the organization with additional contributions, said Wendy Wong, head of sustainable investment partnerships at New York Life Investments. EQUL has an expense ratio of 0.45%..."


Make sure everyone understands life insurance: Jomil Guerrero

"Jomil Guerrero, the financial services giant's new chief diversity officer, will influence New York Life's employee benefits, investment and marketing strategies. Part of her job will involve supporting agents' and advisors' efforts to reach more people in culturally diverse markets..."

Motley Fool

27% of Americans plan to invest more in 2023. Should you?

"...according to New York Life's latest Wealth Watch survey, among people who already have some money invested in the stock market, 27% are planning to invest more in 2023. Whether you should do the same, however, depends on your personal financial situation."

A.M. Best

New York Life posts record annuity sales in 2022

"...'Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, New York Life's financial strength is as robust as ever and we remain exceptionally well-positioned to manage through any environment,' Craig DeSanto, chief executive officer and president of New York Life, said in a statement..."

Market Matters

New York Life agent spotlighted on Market Matters podcast

In the first ever Agent Spotlight special episode, Lauren Goodwin and Julia Hermann host New York Life agent Armando Jimenez, a top producer of both insurance and investment products out of Fresno, California.

Professional Pensions

UK Pensions Awards 2023: shortlists unveiled

Candriam have been shortlisted in the ESG Manager of the year category at this years UK Pensions awards.


The experts' advice on choosing the best life insurance for you

"...The need for life insurance is greater than ever. In fact, a recent New York Life Wealth Watch survey found that 37% of adults have been thinking about life insurance more often these days - and half of adults report that financial products that provide protection (50%) and reliability (50%) are more important now compared to last year. This may be especially true for middle-market and Cultural Market families. Our organizational structure of having Cultural Market agents embedded in the communities where we live and work allows us to understand the needs of diverse communities and develop solutions that resonate with them..."

Insurance News Net

New York Life rockets to the top of the 2022 annuity sales charts

"...New York Life emerged as the big winner in a record-setting year for annuity sales with more than $23 billion in sales, according to LIMRA. The largest mutual insurer in the United States,

New York Life claimed nearly a 7% market share and increased its annuity sales by 70% over 2020 – when it finished fifth in LIMRA's rankings. Overall annuity sales climbed to a record-high $312.8 billion in 2022, LIMRA reported, as consumers encountered unprecedented long-term market volatility. In response, consumers sought the protection offered by fixed annuities...."


International Women's Day 2023

“…We asked the women of our ACCP Executive Network – as well as our ACCP staff – to share a favorite quote by a woman. From Heather Nestle, New York Life: 'Dear God,' she prayed, 'let me be something every minute of every hour of my life. Let me be gay; let me be sad. Let me be cold; let me be warm. Let me be hungry…have too much to eat. Let me be ragged or well-dressed. Let me be sincere – be deceitful. Let me be truthful; let me be a liar. Let me be honorable and let me sin. Only let me be something every blessed minute. And when I sleep, let me dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is ever lost.' ― Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn…"


Nearly half of Americans earning more than $100K now report living paycheck to paycheck - here's why your savings are more important now than ever

"The most recent data from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis shows that the U.S. personal savings rate dropped to 3.5% in August, compared to 9.5% from the same time last year. The rate refers to personal savings as the percentage of income left over after you pay taxes and spend money.

And in life insurance company New York Life’s Wealth Watch Survey, respondents said they dipped into their savings just to cover their basic everyday expenses — taking out an average $616.73."

Financial News

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé named to the Financial News’ ‘Twenty Most Influential in Fund Management 2023’ list

Naïm Abou-Jaoudé, recently-named Chief Executive Officer of New York Life Investment Management has been named to Financial News’ ‘Twenty Most Influential in Fund Management 2023’ list.  This first Financial News list of the Twenty Most Influential in Fund Management celebrates the people shaping the sector across Europe.

Upper Cumberland Business Journal

Burckhard named member of million dollar round table

"... Andrea V. Burckhard, an agent for New York Life in Cookeville, earned membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for 2023. MDRT, the Premier Association of Financial Professionals®, is a global, independent association of more than 66,000 of the world's leading life insurance and financial services professionals from more than 500 companies in 72 nations and territories..."


11 companies that will help you pay off student loan debt

"...New York Life: Gives employees up to $170 per month for up to five years for student debt. Eligible workers can reduce their debt by up to $10,200 through the program..."

The Fintech Times

Is collaboration the future of Insurtech? With Bdeo, New York Life Insurance, Vitesse and more

"...Joel Albarella, senior vice president and head of New York Life Ventures at New York Life Insurance Company, analysed how incumbents must not only want to seek out collaborations. Rather, they have no choice to seek them out or risk their services' standards falling behind that of their competitors. "Assuming that 'collaboration' refers to enablement, we very much agree. Founded in 2012, New York Life Ventures predates the concept of 'insurtech' which affords us a unique perspective on the changing opportunities at the intersection of insurance and technology..."


The 2023 stock market rally looks wobbly. What's next as investors come to grips with a further rise in interest rates?

"...'The idea that equity markets would experience a strong upside surge while the Fed was still hiking and the market was underestimating what Fed was going to do' had looked 'untenable,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, in a phone interview..."

Pensions & Investments

LPs driving ESG for middle-market private equity firms - survey

"...Middle-market private equity firms are having to take ESG seriously, as a growing number of their limited partners are including ESG factors as a main area in their due diligence, said a new yet-to-be released survey by Apogem Capital, a manager of managers...Ninety percent of the mostly lower-middle-market private equity managers indicated that their investors are driving their interest in environmental, social and governance factors factors. Indeed, 37% of survey respondents said LPs use ESG as a main due diligence area in underwriting, up from 24% in 2021."


Millennials aren't having kids because they have too much student debt. That could hurt the American economy for generations.

"...One 2015 study estimates that women with $60,000 in student debt were 42% less likely to have children than their non-indebted peers, after controlling for education, class background, and demographic indicators. Women hold about two-thirds of student loan debt, according to the American Association of University Women..."


Stocks wake up to Fed-rate rethink as yields surge: markets wrap

"...To Lauren Goodwin at New York Life Investments, US earnings results are the latest "domino" to topple in a line of data pointed toward recession ahead. 'While bottom line results have held well, reflecting companies' impressive ability to maintain margins, top line revenues are decelerating for most industries,' Goodwin added. 'As higher interest rates continue to slow economic activity, albeit with long and variable lags, we believe those companies with more durable revenues will once again outperform'..."


22% of U.S. adults owe money on a home equity loan. Should you rush to pay yours off?

"...New York Life's latest Wealth Watch survey found that 22% of consumers owe money on a mortgage or home equity loan. And while you may not be in a position to pay off your home early, paying off your home equity loan ahead of schedule is another story..."


Should you pay debts first or save? Use these guidelines to decide

"...Overall credit card debt in the U.S. was $841 billion in 2022. The average credit card balance in the third quarter of Q3 2021 was $5,221. Sources: New York Life Wealth Watch Survey, Bankrate's 2023 emergency savings report, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Experian, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.."

Yahoo Finance

The 'sandwich generation' is racking up an average of $7,000 on their credit cards as the nation's total balances spike to $930 billion - here are 4 ways to dig your way out of debt faster

"...However, just how much you owe on your card could vary depending on what generation you were born into. A study from life insurance company New York Life found that Gen X actually has the most credit card debt, at an average of $7,004 per person..."


Barron's Best Fund Families 

"...The top-performing firms in Barron’s annual Fund Families ranking took advantage of 2022’s volatility, hewed close to their established investment processes, or dived deep into fundamental research to take the pulse of macroeconomic conditions. Our rankings look at the one-year records of how each firm’s actively managed funds performed versus peers, based on data from Refinitiv Lipper. The focus on one-year relative performance is clearly a snapshot in time, but one that offers insight into how diversified firms responded to a swift change in macroeconomic conditions and market leadership across a range of actively managed funds...”

[MainStay Funds ranks #7 among the 'Best Fund Families of 2022,' up from #9 last year. MainStay ranked #2 and #4 in the 'Taxable Bond' and 'Five-Year' rankings, respectively.]

Motley Fool

American adults saved an average of $5,011 in 2022. 5 tips to reach your savings goals

"...New York Life's Wealth Watch Survey examined Americans' financial goals, progress in reaching their goals, and the overall outlook on their financial futures. When asked to think about the current state of their finances at the end of 2022 going into 2023, 33% of adults felt hopeful, while 31% felt stressed. Many of those surveyed were successful in saving money in 2022. While on average, American adults planned to save $5,437 in 2022, they saved slightly less. American adults saved $5,011 on average. It turns out men saved more than twice as much as women..."


Study finds it’s Gen X struggling most with debt

"...The average amount owed by Gen X'ers is $7,004, according to a new report from New York Life..."


The consumer is showing signs of rolling over soon, says New York Life Investments' Lauren Goodwin

"...Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments economist, joins 'Closing Bell: Overtime' to discuss the Fed ahead of tomorrow's CPI report and what it means for markets..."


Clock is ticking louder on a stock rally the pros never believed in

"...'The dip-buying mentality is driven by the idea that as economic growth slows, the Fed will be forced to reverse its policy approach,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. 'The buy-the-dip story is one that I actually don't expect to prevail or to be successful when interest rates are still in restrictive territory'..."


Here’s how much money Americans saved at every age in 2022

"...Last year's savings patterns mirrored those of 2021, as young adults continued to navigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the potentially impending recession, Suzanne Schmitt, head of financial wellness at New York Life, tells CNBC Make It..."


Millennials who take care of aging parents could face a different kind of recession

"...As a New York Life report notes, millennials already struggle with a specific set of challenges as they came into financial independence following the 2008-2009 economic recession and post-pandemic are now faced with student debt and inflation..."


New York Life names chief diversity officer

"..New York Life has named Jomil Guerrero as the company’s next chief diversity officer. In her new position, Guerrero will be responsible for fostering a diverse and inclusive culture in the insurer's talent practices, business strategy and community engagement. She will report to Kathleen Navarro, senior vice president, head of business enablement, who will continue to oversee all diversity, equity and inclusion efforts..."


U.S. tech stocks hit by 7 percent fall on Google parent, Alphabet

"...'It's the continued kind of yin-and-yang, if you will, with, 'Which way are we going with the Fed?,' Sal Bruno, CIO of IndexIQ told CNBC Wednesday. 'We should expect a lot of choppiness'..."

U.S. News & World Report

U.S. debt-ceiling clash: what investors should know

"...'There is a wide divide between Republicans who want spending cuts and Democrats who want to raise the debt ceiling, which is pointing to a long, drawn-out fight over the budget and debt ceiling. We expect disaster to be avoided, but there are costs to 11th-hour brinkmanship,' says Lauren Goodwin, economist and director of portfolio strategy at New York Life Investments..."


Tulsa Air & Space Museum hosts bereavement camp program for grieving children

"... The Tulsa Air and Space Museum hosted a program aimed at supported children whose parent or loved one has died. Camp Erin is the largest national bereavement camp for grieving children. Organizers say the camp's goal is to help connect kids with others in similar situations and remind them their loved ones are always with them…”


Video: Going beyond market cap weighting

IndexIQ Chief Investment Officer Sal Bruno joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks from Exchange ETF to discuss going beyond market cap weighting.


Watch CNBC’s full interview with Vantage’s Avery Sheffield, New York Life’s Lauren Goodwin and Wells Fargo’s Sameer Samana

"...Vantage's Avery Sheffield, New York Life's Lauren Goodwin and Wells Fargo's Sameer Samana, join 'Closing Bell: Overtime' to discuss the markets and whether it's time for investors to go on the offensive in the market..."


Men saved more than twice what women did In 2022, and that's a problem

"...In spite of that, U.S. consumers managed to add to their savings on a whole in 2022. New York Life's latest Wealth Watch survey reveals that Americans saved $5,011 on average. But when we break the numbers down between men and women, we can see that there's a huge divide..."

Yahoo! Finance

Watch: January jobs report a 'meaningful gut check' for markets: Economist

"New York Life Investments Economist and Portfolio Strategist Lauren Goodwin and RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the January jobs report, the expectations for the Fed following Wednesday's FOMC meeting, a possible recession, and the outlook for the labor market."


We are in a bear market rally that is fueled by the temporary change in narrative: Lauren Goodwin

"...Lauren Goodwin, portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, joins BNN Bloomberg for her view on how markets react to the latest Fed announcement..."


Video: Bloomberg Balance of Power 

Bloomberg: Balance of Power" focuses on the intersection of politics and global business. On today's show: Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, (R) Tennessee. Mitch Landrieu, White House senior advisor & Infrastructure coordinator. Lauren Goodwin, New York Life Investments economist & director.

Plan Adviser

New York Life Investment Management names new CEO

"...New York Life announced Monday that Naïm Abou-Jaoudé will move from his position as head of one of the company's European asset management subsidiaries to the CEO of its investment arm, New York Life Investment Management..."

Montclair Local News

Montclair school district to offer grief education training to staff and caregivers

"...According to the Childhood Bereavement Estimation Model, 1 in 13 children in the United States will experience the death of a parent or a sibling by the age of 18. The model was developed by two bereavement groups, the New York Life Foundation and Judi's House/JAG Institute..."


What to do when your term life insurance is ending

"...'A term conversion privilege often allows the policyholder to convert to a permanent policy, like universal or whole life insurance, without having to take another medical exam,' says Amanda Kuhl, senior vice president and head of life products at insurer New York Life..."

Pensions & Investments

New York Life Investment Management names new CEO

"...Mr. Abou-Jaoude is currently CEO of Candriam, a global multispecialist money manager and New York Life affiliate with $149 billion in assets under management, and he will transition to the role of chairman of the board of directors of Candriam on May 1..."

Financial Times

Candriam boss Naïm Abou-Jaoudé named CEO of New York Life Investment Management

"...Abou-Jaoudé, who has been CEO of Candriam for the past 16 years, will join New York Life Investment Management in May. He takes over the top job from Yie-Hsin Hung, who left to join State Street Global Advisors as CEO in December. He will relocate from London to the US..."


This Week In credit card news: A beneficial change In credit scoring; big banks to develop new digital wallet

"...When it comes to credit card debt, Generation X may be struggling the most. The average amount owed by people in that cohort is $7,004, according to a new report from New York Life. That compares with $6,785 for baby boomers, $5,928 for millennials and $2,876 for Gen Zers..."


Thousands of NYC students lost parents to COVID. Many aren’t getting the help they need

"...In 2018, some city schools began to participate in the "Grief-Sensitive Schools Initiative," a national program to train educators to recognize signs of grief and potential triggers, and improve access to relevant services. In 2019, it tapped Schonfeld and the New York Life Foundation to offer that training to all city schools..."


Generation X carries the most credit card debt, study shows. Here's how to get those balances down

"...When it comes to credit card debt, Generation X may be struggling the most. The average amount owed by people in that cohort is $7,004, according to a new report from New York Life..."

Motley Fool

Survey finds men saved over twice as much money as women in 2022

"...'Of the 53 million Americans serving as caregivers, 61% of them are women as reported by AARP in 2020,' said Suzanne Schmitt, Head of Financial Wellness at New York Life in the news release for the Wealth Watch survey..."

ABA Banking Journal

Survey: Many Americans missed savings goals in 2022

"...U.S. adults sought to save an average of $5,437 in 2022 but ultimately saved $5,011 on average, according to a new survey by insurer New York Life..."

Insurance Innovation Reporter

New York Life names CEO and President Craig DeSanto Chairman of the Board

"...Craig DeSanto, who will be the company's 14th Chair since the position was established in 1931, will succeed current Chair Ted Mathas who retired as New York Life's CEO last year after serving in the role for 14 years. DeSanto assumed New York Life's CEO position on April 16, 2022 and has served as a member of the company's Board of Directors since February 2021..."

Go Banking Rates

Survey finds 54% of Americans hit savings goals in 2022 - will they surpass average $5,011 in coming year?

".... While Americans continue to experience the challenges presented by inflation and a potential recession, New York Life's latest Wealth Watch survey found that 66% of American adults are confident in their ability to reach their financial goals, and 1-in-3 feel hopeful about their finances at the end of 2022 going into 2023, reflecting similar levels of confidence reported this time last year..."

CBS News

4 times adults should have life insurance

"Having a life insurance policy is especially important if your spouse relies on your income, as it gives them funds they can use to support themselves in your absence. 'If anyone depends on your income, you should consider purchasing life insurance,' says Amanda Kuhl, senior vice president, head of life products at New York Life Insurance."



Why consumers are pulling back on spending

"...'While it's constructive for the economy that consumers are still getting out there - they're still spending - much of this higher figure is reflecting a higher inflation number,' said Lauren Goodwin, an economist at New York Life Investments..."


Why U.S. investors can’t afford to ignore Wednesday’s BOJ meeting

"...Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, sees some eerie parallels between Japan and the bond-market crisis thatgripped the U.K. last year. Suddenly soaring yields on U.K. government bonds, known as gilts, pushed a number of pension funds that had relied on derivative-based strategies to the brink of insolvency, a disaster averted after the Bank of England stepped in with an emergency bond-buying program..."


2 Annuities that are worth a look now

"...By contrast, the return on the MYGA is completely linked to interest rates, says Todd Taylor, head of retail annuities for New York Life. Insurers invest in corporate bonds to finance MYGAs, and as bond rates have risen so have MYGA payouts. New York Life is offering three-year MYGAs yielding 4.05%, up from 1.75% a year ago..."


Dow closes 100 points higher, S&P 500 and Nasdaq notch best week since November

"...'You don't have to agree with the Fed's policy to believe them,' said Lauren Goodwin, economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. Goodwin pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Fed voting members were projecting a Fed funds rate 5% or higher this year in the last meeting. And given the concern some central bankers have expressed about the consequences of pausing too soon, they may be determined to hit that mark.'..."


8 top priorities for CIOs in 2023

There must be open, transparent, and collaborative working sessions to create alignment on how technology capabilities can be deployed to meet enterprise goals, states Bill Cassidy, CIO at New York Life Insurance. 'All participants need to demonstrate strong communication skills, including effective listening, to properly weigh the pros, cons, and tradeoffs of one path of execution versus another,' he adds..."

BNN Bloomberg

U.S. stocks edge higher in quiet session as bonds slide

"...'Monetary and fiscal policymakers are unlikely to step in to support faltering economic growth due to the widely held understanding that policy support has contributed to today's challenging inflationary environment,' said Lauren Goodwin, portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments. 'As a result, we expect headline market outcomes this quarter to be rangebound and volatile'..."

Wall Street Journal

CIOs contend with pushback on AI rollouts

"...But tapping AI can be 'a fool's errand if you don't have sufficient data to build a model,' said Alex Cook, New York Life Co.'s head of strategic capabilities. It is a trap he has seen many fall into over the years, he added..."

Go Banking Rates

Is recession a self-fulfilling prophecy? Moody's Mark Zandi thinks so

"...'Jobs related to economic reopening have fared well in terms of employment status and wage growth, especially for lower income workers' Lauren Goodwin, an economist and portfolio strategist at New York Life Investments, wrote in an email to GOBankingRates..."

Seattle Medium

Advocates urge educators to heed bereft children’s cry for help by changing school culture

"...Maria Collins, vice president of New York Life Foundation, one of the largest funders of childhood bereavement in the U.S., said in an interview that only 15% of educators surveyed in 2020 stated that they had received training in childhood bereavement. However, 95% of educators indicated they 'would like to do more to help grieving students'..."

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