International Children’s Book Day: Kai’s Journey continues.

New York Life | November 12, 2020

New York Life Foundation releases two new books, and accompanying animated films narrated by actress Maya Rudolph.


Following the successful release of the first installment of Kai’s Journey, “The Golden Sweater,” the New York Life Foundation has expanded the series with an additional two books. “The Girl with the Locket” and “The Fishless Lake” follow Kai, a young boy who lost his father, as he meets a new friend who has had a similar experience with grief and learns how to keep traditions alive. The development and release of all three stories are part of the foundation’s strategy to address childhood bereavement by raising awareness of the issue and providing direct support to nonprofit organizations supporting grieving children. The stories can be downloaded for free at, and each is accompanied by a one-minute animated film narrated by actress Maya Rudolph and a discussion guide for families.

“While talking about death can be challenging and, at many times, painful for adults, it can be especially hard for children who are struggling to understand and articulate their feelings,” said Maria Collins, vice president, New York life Foundation. “Kai’s Journey raises awareness of the need to support grieving children in a visually compelling format that engages young readers and gives families the tools to engage in a dialogue about grief.”

The New York Life Foundation is continuing the dollar-per-download campaign launched with “The Golden Sweater,” which resulted in a total of $175,000 in grants to the foundation partners Eluna, Comfort Zone Camp, National Alliance for Grieving Children, and TAPS. Each additional download of  “The Golden Sweater”, “The Girl with the Locket,” and “The Fishless Lake” will provide grants to bereavement organizations like Billy’s Place, Bo’s Place, Children’s Bereavement Center, The Jewish Board, and, Our House Grief Support Center.

Collins continued, "Supporting grieving children is important every day, but the pandemic and its impact on children has highlighted why getting grief resources into the hands of families is even more urgent. International Children’s Book Day is a timely reminder that books can aid in starting and discussing complex topics including the death of a loved one. We hope that Kai’s Journey and it’s discussion guide can provide guidance and support as families navigate through their grief journey."

Learn more and download “The Golden Sweater,” “The Girl with the Locket,” and “The Fishless Lake”.



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