Once again New York Life is proud to sponsor the ACC and Pac-12 Tournaments, and excited to be able to bring the thrill of the games live to your home while simultaneously supporting our local partners where the tournaments take place.

How it works

Fans of the ACC and Pac-12 are encouraged to help their favorite teams give back to their local communities by playing the New York Life Donation Dash game, an Augmented Reality gaming experience. The game gives basketball fans a chance to put their love into action for their local Boys & Girls club. After choosing their favorite ACC or Pac-12 team, players must “swipe” to score as many baskets as they can in 30 seconds. Supporters can participate by either downloading  the “ACC 3-Point Challenge” mobile app to their phones or playing directly from Donation Dash website

Each college basketball team in their respective conferences is paired with a local Boys & Girls Club. Points scored by gamers playing Donation Dash help the teams climb the conference leaderboards, and in turn help their local Boys & Girls Club earn a bigger donation.  Supporting the efforts of organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs of America continues New York Life’s rich history of helping people act on their love for more than 175 years.

Donations in action

The donations from last year’s games have already made an impact on so many children’s lives.  The Boys & Girls Club of Emerald Valley (in the Oregon/Pac-12 region) used their donations to help alleviate the emotional strain children have felt during the pandemic. According to Executive Director Matt Sorensen “The donation will be used to provide Social Emotional Learning opportunities for our kids.  Given the trauma and difficulties facing our families during the COVID-19 crisis, from missing school to domestic issues, many kids will be in critical need of support and a friend to process their lives during the quarantine etc.  Our staff will listen, empathize and help teach them skills to process and cope in a positive manner in addition to having fun with others at the Clubhouse.”

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Greensboro, NC applied their donations in the fight against hunger as well as towards staffing their athletics program.  Grace Thompson, their Executive Director explains  “We received $10,000 which is being used to sponsor “Jordan’s Weekend Eats,” (named after their hometown hero coach Jordan Barnett  which will provide meals on weekends and healthy snacks as needed for the foreseeable future). Food insecurity is a very real threat in the communities we serve. Providing weekend meals during practices and games will be a great help to club families. In addition, the athletic program has grown to a point where it is necessary to have additional staff. We will also leverage some funds to make Jordan’s position full time!”

Donation Dash only lasts until March 13th so act fast to sink some baskets for your favorite team while supporting local Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation.   Winning local Boys & Girls Clubs of America will be announced through all New York Life social channels on March 15th.

Learn more about Donation Dash and score for the Boys and Girls Clubs.

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