New York Life's first female agents.

New York Life | March 13, 2018

New York Life's first female agent

Women have always had a tremendous impact in shaping New York Life. In the early 1800s, it was prohibited by law in the United States for women to enter into contracts, including insurance policies, or even to legally inherit an estate. Yet in 1880, New York Life was amongst the pioneers of the industry in recruiting women, as we hired our first five female agents.

By the 1890s, New York Life witnessed its first female top-producing agents. Considering this was at a time when even the presence of a woman in a business office was frowned upon, it was a tremendous accomplishment.

Today, New York Life is considered one of the best companies for women to build a career. This is not only evident in the number of female executives, but also in the field, where many female agents have served or are currently serving in leadership positions.


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