NYL Foundation sponsors Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

New York Life | December 6, 2023

The awards recognize teenagers whose creative art and writing help to inspire young people who are experiencing grief.

This past June 2023, the National Ceremony and Centennial Gala for the Scholastic Art and writing awards took place in New York City. This program included the New York Life awards underwritten by the New York Life Foundation. These awards are intended to recognize teenagers whose creative art and writing help to inspire young people who are experiencing grief in their lives.

The New York Life award includes six students with $1,000 scholarships; additional state scholarships of $500 are awarded to two students from California, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. The work is judged by panels that include both New York Life employees and agents.

Heather Nesle, president, New York Life Foundation, was one of many employees who judged for the New York Life award, including two field managers, John Stagg, managing partner, Cincinnati General Office (GO) and Frank Mesina, senior partner, Dallas Fort Worth GO; and agents Nicholas Baker, Great Plains GO; Cindi Fox, Milwaukee GO; Nancy Haase, Tulsa GO; Stephen Rowley, Greater Detroit GO; and Michelle Stenson, Savannah GO.

To learn more about the program, visit the website, Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Review the 2023 New York Life Award winners in writing and in art.

National New York Life Award recipients

Nicola Bailey, Santa Barbara, CA
Peony Gao, Richmond, BC
Emma Ray, Naperville, IL
Sophia Sun, Alpharetta, GA
Seungwan Yu, Langley, BC
Isabella Zavalney, Austin, TX

State New York Life Award recipients


Nicola Bailey, Santa Barbara, CA
Sophia Li, Arcadia, CA


Tia Ochiai, Las Vegas, NV
May Reynolds, Las Vegas, NV

New Jersey

Jia Datwani, Morris Plains, NJ
Arushi Vadlamani, Maplewood, NJ


Helena Joo, Cincinnati, OH
Anna Kelly, Toledo, OH
Madison Scott, Canton, OH


Sydney Adams, Nashville, TN
Devon Brown, Nashville, TN


Trisha Das, Katy, TX
Elva Fiona Yu, The Woodlands, TX


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