New York Life’s Cultural Markets facilitate knowledge, ideas, and resources to help our field force maximize impact, reach, influence, and business growth in the communities in which we all live and work. Customizing our products, services, marketing materials, and approach for specific consumer segments dates back over a half century. The fact that New York Life created this market strategy more than 20 years ago is a testament to our steadfast commitment to protecting American families by reaching them in meaningful and relevant ways.

New York Life’s focus on the Black community is led by a distinct unit centered on changing the financial future of Black America by helping to create financial stability, economic opportunity, and multigenerational wealth. New York Life has built an industry-leading team of financial professionals who cater to the Black community to provide financial education and tools to close the racial wealth gap and help the community to create billions of dollars in life insurance protection and future income.   

More broadly, in 2011, we embarked on an Empowerment Plan, a program of financial, educational, and community empowerment with the goal of creating $50 billion of generally tax-free transferable wealth through life insurance benefits for Black Americans; we reached that goal in 2017. Now, through New York Life’s RISE (Reach, Inspire, Secure, Empower): The Empowerment Plan, we are building on that work to provide wealth-building strategies and tools, increase financial awareness and literacy, and forge community partnerships to enable Black Americans to build wealth and financial security for generations.

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