A message from Chair of the Board Ted Mathas: Uniting against racism.

New York Life | June 1, 2020

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A message from Chair of the Board Ted Mathas.

We are all disgusted by the senseless death of George Floyd. It is ripping at the fabric of our communities, revealing the open wounds of race relations in this country. As each of us deal with our own personal feelings about this tragedy, particularly our African American community, we must strive to reflect on how we—as a company and as individuals—can contribute to constructive and meaningful dialogue and action to move forward united against racism of any kind. 

We are a company where racism has no place, with an unwavering commitment to a culture of inclusion and equality. When events like this occur, it must strengthen our resolve to model behaviors and actions expected of a corporate citizen serving and influencing millions of Americans.  

This moment demonstrates exactly why we have established our ongoing programs that enable respectful dialogue and promote a safe workplace forum for employees to share their perspectives and feelings on issues like race relations, unconscious bias, and race at work. You have my personal commitment that we will continue to support these important conversations.

Some of you have heard me say recently that the COVID-19 crisis is a human tragedy—one that has forced our society to reassess almost all aspects of our daily lives. George Floyd’s senseless death is a societal tragedy—one that could not be more human. And it is one that requires all of us, in our professional and personal lives, to define who we are through words and deeds that reject racism and bias and repel discrimination and hatred.  

Together, let’s embrace our shared values to support all people and use this period of pain and anguish to ensure we do better moving forward.


Ted Mathas

Chair of the Board


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