Guaranteed income annuities.

It’s all about the guarantees.

You’ve worked hard. You’ve made the right moves planning for your retirement. Why not add more guaranteed income to your retirement cash flow?

A guaranteed income annuity from New York Life can help provide the income your retirement deserves with a guaranteed income stream for life. Simply put, it’s more income you can count on no matter what. You can purchase one before or after you retire. The money in your annuity—which you invest as a lump sum or through a series of payments, depending on the policy you choose—generates a stream of income paid to you for your lifetime. The amount you receive depends on several factors, including your age, gender, premium amount, and your chosen payout option.

New York Life offers several guaranteed income annuity products to meet your needs.

  • New York Life Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity is a single-premium immediate annuity that guarantees income payments for as long as you live.
  • Changing Needs Option.
  • New York Life Guaranteed Future Income Annuity is a deferred-income annuity that guarantees income payments—beginning after a chosen waiting period—for as long as you live. You also have the flexibility to make additional premium payments up to two years before your income start date.

New York Life has introduced a new income annuity product line called mutual income annuities. Mutual income annuities have the potential for additional income through dividends, if declared. Click on the appropriate fact sheets below for details on our mutual income annuity products.

  • New York Life Lifetime Mutual Income Annuity is a participating single-premium immediate income annuity that guarantees income payments for as long as you live, with the potential for dividend payments.1,2,3,4
  • New York Life Future Mutual Income Annuity is a participating deferred-income annuity that generates income—beginning after a chosen waiting period—for as long as you live, with the potential for dividend payouts.1,2,3,4


To learn more about New York Life guaranteed income annuity products, click on Redefine your means in retirement. Click on these links to learn more about mutual income annuities, Take your dreams further, and mutual income dividends:  Mutual Income Annuities and the value of dividends, and How Dividends Differ.

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  • 1Dividends are not guaranteed.
  • 2Please note that the company’s previous history of dividend declarations and payments has primarily been in connection with its participating life insurance business. Mutual income annuities are participating annuity products, meaning they are also eligible to receive dividends when they are declared. However, the dividend scale for the annuity product will not be based on or related to the life insurance dividend scale. Mutual income annuities are new, and have no dividend history. Annuity premiums will be invested in a new portfolio that is separate and distinct from the existing life insurance portfolio. You should not compare the dividend-paying history of our life insurance policies or use that history in your decision to purchase this annuity. Guaranteed income payments, and dividend scales, can vary based on different factors, including the date we receive the premium payment or the date we apply a dividend to purchase additional income. Total income you receive may reflect different guaranteed amounts and different dividend scales for each income purchase.
  • 3No dividends are payable in the first policy year. Dividends, if declared, can go up or down in value from year to year. For more information about income from a mutual income annuity, please request a personalized illustration.
  • 4New York Life offers guaranteed income annuities that have higher guaranteed income than future mutual income and lifetime mutual income annuities, but do not offer the opportunity for dividends.