Policy riders: Customize your coverage to stretch the value of your policy.

Just as you might tailor your clothes to get the just-right fit, policy riders enable you to customize your life insurance coverage and create a policy designed specifically to address your needs. Riders are only available through the purchase of a policy, and of course you would want to have a demonstrated need for life insurance before considering an optional rider.

A rider is separate from the basic policy and provides additional benefits, usually at an added cost, although some are automatically included. Depending on the policy you choose, there are several riders available that can provide a wide range of benefits to help you meet your short- and long-term goals. Policy riders also provide you with the flexibility to meet your changing needs, and can grow along with you and your family.

A New York Life agent can help you sort through the options and decide which, if any, life insurance policy and riders best fit your situation. Depending on your policy, some of the more common options might include:

  • Accidental Death Benefit Rider: This rider provides an additional death benefit (equal to the face amount of the policy, up to a maximum of $300,000 per life) if you die as result of an accidental injury, and within 12 months of the accident. The rider terminates automatically at age 70. The rider involves a monthly charge until the rider expires.
  • Children’s Insurance Rider: This rider provides level term insurance for your eligible children, which can later be upgraded to permanent insurance—up to five times the face amount of the term coverage. Insurance on each covered child ends on the earlier of the child’s age 25 or when the insured under the policy is or would have been 65. An upgrade to permanent insurance is available on the policy anniversary when the covered child is age 25, the insured is age 65, or when the child marries—whichever comes first. Please note: The Children’s Insurance rider is not available with Custom Whole Life policies. An additional cost for this rider applies until the rider expires.
  • Chronic Care Rider: This rider helps protect policyholders from the financial hardships of chronic care by providing tax-free access to a portion of their base policy benefits should they become chronically ill.  The Chronic Care Rider is available on most Whole Life and Custom Whole Life policies at issue. (Note: the Chronic Care Rider is not available in California.) This rider is available for an additional cost and must be elected at issue of the policy.
  • Disability Waiver of Premium Rider: For Whole Life policies, should you become totally disabled (as explained in the policy) for six months or more before age 60 and through age 65, this rider waives your policy premiums through the maturity of the policy at age 100. This rider can be added after issue of the policy, with underwriting, and charges for the rider will vary by policy.
  • Living Benefits Rider: Imagine you were diagnosed with a terminal illness and found to have a life expectancy of 12 months or less. This rider gives you access to a portion of your policy’s eligible death benefit during your lifetime, potentially giving you access to funds for critical medical treatments, or to help defray living expenses for your caregivers. You can request that this rider be added to your policy at any time. Various states have established different life expectancy periods once terminal illness is diagnosed. There are maximum benefit levels set for this rider. A charge is applied when the rider is exercised. Your agent can provide you with specific information.
  • Spouse’s Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option (SPPO)4: Should you die, this rider gives your spouse, provided he/she is the beneficiary of your policy (or family member in New York), the right to purchase a new paid-up life insurance policy on his or her life, without providing evidence of insurability. The benefits? The SPPO rider may serve to insure someone who is otherwise uninsurable and can be an effective estate planning tool by helping to protect beneficiaries and providing funds to help pay estate taxes after both individuals die. This rider is included in most New York Life policies at no additional cost. The rider has to be in effect at the time of the Insured’s death. The company will reduce the life insurance proceeds to pay the single premium for the paid-up insurance.

Finding the perfect fit

It’s important to understand these are only partial descriptions of some of our riders. Not all riders are available on all policies or in every state, and some states vary the terms of certain riders. Riders can give you the opportunity to extend or continue life insurance coverage, sometimes at critical times for you or your family.


Your New York Life agent can work with you—offering more information on specific riders available, and helping you choose which ones fit your needs best.

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In Oregon, the rider form numbers are as follows: Accidental Death Benefit: 208-200; Children’s Insurance: 208-247; Chronic Care Rider: ICC13-231-72; Disability Waiver of Premium: 208-225; Living Benefits: 206-496.27; and Spouse’s Paid-Up Insurance Purchase Option: 205-375.

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