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Since everyone’s life insurance needs are different, the following calculator can help estimate the minimum amount of coverage required by looking at your income, assets, debt—and a variety of other important factors.

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The total amount of money you earn in a year.
The amount you currently owe on your home. If you rent your home, enter 10 years’ worth of rent (monthly rent x 120).
The total amount of your outstanding debt. This may include outstanding credit card balances, student loans, bank/personal loans, car loans, etc.
The anticipated or current higher education cost for all dependents: This may include tuition, room and board, transportation, and fees. If you’re not sure, you may want to use an average of $30-40k.
The number of years of income you would like to protect.


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Congratulations! It appears that you have saved enough to meet your goal. In fact, it appears that at age 00 you will still have 0 in your retirement accounts.

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This is for your general informational purposes only. Final expenses are based on the national average (SmartAsset, May 2018 []). Income replacement is based on 70% of annual income adjusted for 2% inflation (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics []).

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