The 64th Annual Grammy Awards will soon be upon us. This star-studded ceremony celebrates musicians at the top of their game, and this year’s nominations feature a diverse mixture of hyper-talented artists across a range of categories.

So, what lessons can we learn from this year’s nominees about taking risks, planning for the future, and becoming successful?              

1)    Don’t let age be an obstacle

Nominated in the revered “Record of the Year” category after their recent comeback, Swedish pop group ABBA shows success can arrive at any time. Despite being one of the biggest selling groups of all time, and after a hugely popular 50-year career, 2022 is the first time the group has received a Grammy nomination.

So, whether you’ve taken time out to start a family or are stepping sideways into a new career, age shouldn’t be a deterrent. Over the next decade, the number of over 75-year-olds in the US workforce is expected to grow by 96 percent.Experience is of huge value in the workplace, and success stories like ABBA show that it is never too late to achieve something new.

2)   Plan ahead and protect your future

Kelly Rowland was one third of R&B superstar group Destiny’s Child and is a successful solo artist in her own right. She’s also no stranger to winning awards, with multiple nominations to her name over the years. She performed onboard the New York Life Thanksgiving Day Parade float in 2019, and more recently partnered with Life Happens, a non-profit life insurance awareness organization2. Kelly has been vocal about wanting to ensure her children will be able to share in her success, and she can teach us a lot about the importance of future planning3.

Kelly’s advocacy on educating Americans about the necessity of life insurance delivers one key lesson: ensure your family has a safe and secure future.

3)   Make your own rules

Crashing into the music world in 2019, award nominee Lil Nas X broke chart records with his single “Old Town Road,” after it spent 19 weeks at Number 1. By merging together the two vastly different genres of country and hip-hop, Lil Nas X demonstrated the power of breaking the rules. Through sticking to his own original vision, he had phenomenal success.

This approach demonstrated the importance of thinking outside the box, and not being afraid to reimagine traditional structures when it comes to either creative or business ideas – setting yourself apart from the crowd can reap high rewards.

4)   Be a woman in a man’s world

Women currently hold just 5.5 percent of CEO positions globally.This means that being a woman in business can bring a specific set of challenges. But as international rap superstar Cardi B shows, being a woman in a man’s world doesn’t have to become a barrier to success.

In 2021, just 4 percent of hip-hop tracks in the Top 200 were female-only releases.5 And yet, Cardi B proves the benefits of not being afraid to take on a male-dominated industry. With multiple Number 1 hits, and a triple platinum debut album, Cardi B was also the first woman to win the award for Best Rap Album as a solo artist.

An inspiration to women in business everywhere, Cardi B shows that success is possible in any industry.

5)   Diversify your skillset

Jack of all trades, master of none? Not necessarily. Cultivating a diverse skill set can prove beneficial to your job prospects and open doors to new opportunities. Being able to try your hand at something new may unlock a hidden talent or an undiscovered passion--or simply increase your value to an employer.

Multi-award-winning musician Lady Gaga, is a lesson in diverse skill sets. With 34 nominations and 12 awards under her belt, Lady Gaga is Grammy royalty. But this artist has also ventured into the world of cinema, with leading roles in A Star is Born and, more recently, House of Gucci. The result? An Oscar nomination for best leading actress. Sticking to your lane is not always the only route to success.

6)   Harness the power of collaboration

Recent Oscar winner and pop superstar Billie Eilish is one of the most successful artists of the decade and recently earned an estimated $25 million through a documentary deal with Apple about her life and career. She is only 20 years old. Her multiplatinum debut album sold 1.3 million copies in the US and topped album charts globally.

So, what can Billie Eilish teach us about success? Mainly, that you should never underestimate the power of collaboration. Eilish’s brother Finneas is also her producer, has been her manager, and even wrote “Ocean Eyes,” the debut viral hit which shot the artist to fame back in 2016.

Is there someone in your life that you’ve always thought might make the perfect business partner? Do you have a friend or colleague who inspires you to be a more productive or creative version of yourself? Are you guilty of passing over collaborative opportunities when it comes to projects or business ventures?

Instead of always trying to go it alone, why not harness the power of collaboration? Sometimes two minds are better than one. After all, Billie and her brother Finneas made an international number one record together, from their bedroom.

7)    Don’t suffer in silence

Having topped the charts at the end of last year with her fourth studio album release, 30, singer-songwriter Adele has picked up her fair share of awards in the past. The musician has also spoken extensively about her mental health challenges through her music and this latest release stays true to form--tackling issues of divorce and the transition into parenthood.

There are important lessons to be learned from Adele when it comes to our own relationships with mental health, particularly in the workplace. First, a reminder that everybody can go through tough times, and being open about struggle is important. And second, that mental health challenges are not necessarily an obstacle to success. Adele’s net worth is estimated at approximately $220 million and she is one of the world’s best-selling artists.

Bounce back, be open, and know when it's time to take a break.

Whether it’s an award, a job promotion, or simply a stable financial future, success looks different to everyone. Here at New York Life, we are dedicated to helping our customers to live the life they deserve.  Speak to a New York Life professional today and learn more about which financial products and policies might best support your success.

Non-Affiliation Disclaimer: New York Life is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, or partnered with any of the artists mentioned above, or the with the Recording Academy Grammy Awards; with the exception of Kelly Rowland, who was affiliated with New York Life in 2019 through her New York Life Thanksgiving Day Parade performance.


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