The 65th Annual Grammy Awards will soon be upon us. The February 5th event is a celebration of musicians at the top of their game, and this year’s nominees can also offer a few lessons in staying motivated, embracing a fresh start, and prioritizing your goals – all of which can help you in both your financial planning and in building your career.

So, what can this year’s nominees teach us about seizing opportunities and maximizing success?

1. Don’t let age be an obstacle

Nominated in the revered “Record of the Year” category after their recent comeback, Swedish pop group ABBA shows that you can prosper in your later years. Despite being one of the biggest selling groups of all time, and after a hugely popular 50-year career, ABBA has only been nominated for a Grammy once before.

So, whether you’ve taken time out to start a family or are stepping sideways into a new career, age shouldn’t be a deterrent. Over the next decade, the number of over-75-year-olds in the U.S. workforce is expected to grow by 96 percent.Experience is a huge value in the workplace, and success stories like ABBA show that it is never too late to achieve.

2. Be a woman in a man’s world

Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, RENAISSANCE, has been nominated in this year’s “Album of the Year” category. If she wins, this global pop superstar will have 29 Grammys to her name ─ the most in history of any popular music act. 

Beyoncé has forged a music career built on female empowerment and feminist discussion. Her music regularly celebrates motherhood and family, and she is vocal about her admiration of other successful female pioneers. 

Women currently hold around just 5.5 percent of CEO positions globally.2 This means that being a woman in business can bring a specific set of challenges.

But with numerous successful business ventures to her name, and as one of the world’s best-selling recording artists, Beyoncé shows that being a woman in a man’s world doesn’t have to be a barrier to success. 

3. Diversify your skill set

Jack of all trades; master of none? Not necessarily. Cultivating a diverse skill set can prove beneficial to your job prospects and open doors to new opportunities. 

Take it from Lizzo. Securing nominations for “Record of the Year” and “Album of the Year” with her release Special, Lizzo has proven the benefits of having a diversified skill set. Alongside incredible vocal talent, songwriting credits, and dancing abilities, Lizzo is also a world-class flautist. She regularly plays her flute during her pop performances ─ breaking the rules and making her stand out from the crowd.  

Being able to try your hand at something new may unlock a hidden talent or an undiscovered passion ─ or simply help you to stand out and increase your value to an employer.

4. Be brave and go it alone

While sometimes there can be huge benefits to collaboration, not every venture requires a team. Whether you’re looking to start your own business, or simply take on a new project in the workplace, it is important to have the confidence to go solo when the time is right. 

Who could better demonstrate the power of a solo venture than Grammy nominee Harry Styles? Despite a successful career with pop group One Direction, Styles has proven the power of going it alone since the band split in 2015. Up for this year’s “Album of the Year” award, could Styles provide the motivation you need to take the leap and pursue your own personal goals?

5. Don’t suffer in silence

Singer-songwriter Adele has picked up her fair share of awards in the past and is now nominated for 2023’s “Record of the Year” Grammy. The musician has also spoken extensively about her mental health challenges through her music, and this latest release stays true to form ─ tackling issues of divorce and becoming a parent. 

There are important lessons to be learned from Adele when it comes to our own relationships with mental health, particularly in the workplace. First, a reminder that everybody can go through tough times and being open about your struggles is important. And second, that mental health challenges are not necessarily an obstacle to success. 

With nearly one fifth of U.S. workers rating their mental health as fair or poor,3 learning how to cope with financial stress can be a great first step when it comes to improving mental health overall ─ particularly during these difficult economic times. 

6. Embrace the benefits of technology (but know when to switch it off!)

Technological advances can sometimes feel overwhelming. From AI to driverless cars, the Metaverse to TikTok ─ knowing where to start when it comes to harnessing the power of tech in both your professional and personal life isn’t always easy. 

But Pulitzer-prize-winning hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar shows that, sometimes, embracing cutting-edge tech can pay off. For his Grammy-nominated record, The Heart Pt. 5, Lamar used deepfake technology to create a powerful, viral music video. The resulting success is clear. 

While it’s important to know when social media and technology is negatively impacting your mental health, keeping up to date with the latest tools could prove beneficial in the workplace. Ensuring you remain technologically literate could help you make the most of your future. 

7. Plan ahead

What does nearly every 2023 Grammy nominee have in common? The ability to plan for the future successfully. Having a clear goal and breaking down the steps to achieve it can help you maximize your chance of success. For award-winning musicians, that may mean practice, networking, and a dash of luck.

For New York Life customers, future planning may mean taking a financial health check and reviewing spending habits and insurance policies. Setting clear objectives can help reduce stress and ensure you and your family enjoy a secure future. 

Whether it’s an award, a job promotion, or simply a stable financial future, success looks different to everyone. Here at New York Life, we are dedicated to providing financial security and peace of mind. Speak to a New York Life professional today and learn more about which financial products and policies might best support your success.


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