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5 lessons for success from the 2024 Grammy nominees.

New York Life | January 30, 2024

Taylor Swift

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards will soon be upon us. The star-studded ceremony is an exciting celebration of musicians at the top of their game. But this year’s nominees can also offer a few lessons in maximizing success, the benefits of collaboration, and achieving your goals:


1. The importance of collaboration

If there’s one thing that stands out when looking at many Grammy nominations this year, it is the benefits of good collaboration. From Drake and 21 Savage’s nomination for Best Rap Album to Skrillex and Fred Again shortlisted for Best Dance Recording, teamwork is on full display in today’s music world.

When it comes to your financial future, sometimes going alone isn’t the best route to success and peace of mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a financial professional to help achieve your financial goals.

2. Be a woman in a man’s world

Taylor Swift has been nominated for this year’s Album of the Year, with “Midnights” as well as in a myriad of other categories, including Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

As one of the most successful musical artists in the world, Swift’s life is often under intense media scrutiny. Despite this, she has forged a music career built on female empowerment, LGBTQ rights, and feminist discussion. Her music regularly celebrates feminist activism, and she’s cited as leading the way for other successful female pioneers. Swift shows that being a woman in a man’s world doesn’t have to be a barrier to success. And, that you can remain aligned to your values along the way.

3. Diversify your skill set

Jack of all trades, master of none? Not necessarily. Cultivating a diverse skill set can prove beneficial to your job prospects and open doors to new opportunities. 

For Janelle Monae, mastering a range of skills is second nature. Securing nominations for Album of the Year with her release "The Age of Pleasure,” Monae has proven the benefits of diversifying her skill set. Alongside her incredible vocal talents and songwriting abilities, Monae is also a rapper and successful actress. She has even won a Screen Actors Guild Award for her acting work.

Being able to try your hand at something new may unlock a hidden talent or an undiscovered passion – or simply help you to stand out and increase your value to an employer.

4. Embrace the benefits of technology (but know when to switch off!)

Technological advancements can sometimes feel overwhelming. From AI to driverless cars, the Metaverse to TikTok – knowing where to start when it comes to harnessing the power of tech in both your professional and personal life isn’t always easy. 

But rapper and singer Doja Cat shows that, sometimes, embracing technology can pay off. Doja Cat has earned viral success, releasing music that has taken the world by storm. Now nominated for a number of Grammys, including Best Pop Solo Performance for “Paint the Town Red,” Doja Cat proves that using technology effectively can be highly advantageous.

While it is important to know when social media and technology are negatively impacting your mental health, keeping up to date with the latest tools could prove beneficial in the workplace. Ensuring you remain technologically literate could help you make the most of your professional future. 

5. Plan ahead

What does nearly every 2024 Grammy nominee have in common? The ability to plan for the future successfully. Having a clear goal and breaking down the steps to achieve it can help maximize your chance of success. For award-winning musicians, that may mean practice, networking, and a dash of luck.

For those of us who want a bright financial future, that may mean taking a financial health check and reviewing spending habits and insurance policies. Setting clear objectives can help reduce stress and ensure you and your family enjoy a stable and secure future. 

Whether it’s an award, a job promotion, or simply a stable financial future, success looks different to everyone. At New York Life, we are dedicated to helping our customers to live the life they deserve. Speak to a New York Life professional today and learn more about which financial products and policies might best support your success.


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