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Unlike Many Firms...

...our MainStay Investments is actually a “fund family” made up of 10 independent investment boutiques. What does this mean for our clients?

  • “Multi-boutique” investments: Investors can access independent and highly specialized investment managers through MainStay Investments, an affiliate . We offer one closed-end fund, non-traditional strategies, and separately managed accounts.
  • Long-term perspective: While MainStay’s investment boutiques are autonomous and independent, they all share a long-term perspective, a focus on quality, and a commitment to excellence. To receive e-mail insights directly in your inbox, subscribe to MainStay Insights.
  • Thought leadership: We provide investment insights and unique perspectives on economic conditions, emerging market trends, and portfolio construction concepts, as well as wealth-building and  wealth-preservation educational tools.

First the basics: What is a mutual fund?

Instead of buying individual stocks or bonds, you buy into a collection of investments. Depending on its specific investment strategy, a mutual fund may invest in stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, money markets, or just about any other security that exists. 

When you buy a mutual fund, your money is pooled with that of others, and usually managed by a professional fund manager. This manager executes the fund’s investment strategy and oversees its day-to-day operations. Professional fund managers have a full-time commitment to their investment responsibilities, a wealth of financial research, economic information from various resources, and the experience and skill to identify, select, and manage their portfolios. The manager gets paid a management fee, which is part of the expense ratio.

What’s different about MainStay Mutual Funds?

As a MainStay client, you can take advantage of the thought leadership we offer to both investors and financial advisors. So you know our investment insights and perspectives on economic conditions, emerging market trends, and portfolio construction concepts. There are many ways you can access our specialized guidance:

  • Wealth Matters Program: These are tools designed to help you organize your financial life, as well as resources to help raise your awareness of important issues. Programs are also designed to help financial professionals gain a deeper understanding of their clients’ needs over time, in order to create a comprehensive investment strategy. 

  • Investment Insights: These are white papers on portfolio construction concepts, as well as opportunities within investment styles and asset classes. We also provide market commentaries and economic reports from our portfolio managers that provide unique investment insights and perspectives.

And because MainStay Investments is a part of New York Life, many of our licensed registered representatives have the flexibility to help you with financial planning decisions that go beyond mutual funds, adding insurance and other investment products from New York Life to help you achieve your specific goals. For instance, many people purchase a Whole Life Insurance policy in addition to their MainStay Investments mutual funds. Whole life insurance provides important financial protection for the whole family, while also building up tax-deferred cash value, which can later help fund their retirement if their needs change down the road.†


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For investors, knowledge truly is power.

Investing doesn’t have to feel daunting. You can start building your portfolio today. Here are some insights from the experts at MainStay to help you get started.

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