What is agápē?

The ancient Greeks had four words for love. The first three — philía, storgē, and érōs — describe the different kinds of love that people feel. But there is one love that stands out above the rest. Selfless love. It’s called agápē (ah-gah-peh) — love as an action. Agápē is what inspires us to put others' needs before our own. It's about doing what's right, being our best selves, and building better futures.

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What agápē
means to us.

The concept of agápē has always been at the heart of New York Life. Since 1845, we've been helping people put their love into action for their families and loved ones. It's what our 12,000 agents and 9,000 employees have been doing, every day, for the past 175 years.

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