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We offer exciting opportunities for data scientists and ML Ops engineers. 

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Lead Data Scientist, Strategic Insurance Businesses

For this position, we are looking for a data scientist who enjoys interacting with business and developing strategy for utilizing data science in a new area while continuing to be hands-on. This role offers a great balance between technical and non-technical as well as the opportunity to move into a management track.

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Lead Data Scientist, Underwriting

This is an exciting role for a highly experienced data scientist looking to make major contributions to Underwriting data science solutions. As Lead Data Scientist, you will create robust project milestone plans, develop close connections with your internal and external stakeholders, and usher different Underwriting models into production. Additionally, you will be able to explore rich and varied data sources using data wrangling techniques and programming in several languages.

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Data Scientist, Corporate Vice President, Agency 

As Data Scientist, CVP, you’ll be involved in data analysis and modeling from a project’s inception to its final release and reporting. You will have the chance to work closely with the Agency team to build high-performing predictive models that drive Agency business value and decision making, such as a candidate assessment tool to guide agent hiring, agent performance models, and an economic scenario generator.

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Operations Project Manager

We are seeking somebody with a highly efficient and collaborative work style to drive various CDSAi projects. As part of the Program Management team, you will organize an effective cross-functional work environment, driving project strategy, managing various roles such as ML Engineers and Data Scientists, and proactively resolving key issues that arise throughout the project life cycle.

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With over 175 years of serving our clients, we have plenty of data for you to work and innovate with.

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Group 18

Agency & Sales Data Science

Our machine learning models are embedded at key decision-making points in the Agency hiring and training cycle.


Underwriting Data Science

Our innovative underwriting strategy combines traditional processes with novel machine learning models to enhance the client’s purchase experience while improving risk quantification.


Our current Tech stack

We code in R/Python, leveraging many popular frameworks and utilities, and use scalable computing, provided by cloud resources and an on-prem cluster, to provide a state-of-the-art machine learning model deployment platform.


Collaborative Business Partnerships

Our strong partnerships with the business and technology teams ensure that our data science solutions are integrated by the business and enable real-time decisions to be made.


Marketing & Service Data Science

We deliver on point, on time, tailored communications to our clients that are driven by a network of machine learning algorithms.


Data Science Community

Be part of our thriving data science community featuring guest speakers, knowledge-sharing forums and expos, as well as continued training and education for data scientists and others across all of New York Life.

Perks of working in CDSAi at New York Life


Fast-paced and supportive work environment


Challenging projects that make an impact


Create real value in everything you do


Diverse and inclusive environment


Great benefits package


Flexible work options

A look inside our team at New York Life.

Hear about the work we do and how we collaborate with teams across the business.


Mary Louie

Director, Strategic Businesses Data Science

Listen to Mary describe how as a data scientist she is affecting how business is done.


Guy-vanie Miakonkana

Lead Data Scientist, Agency Data Science

Hear how Guy-vanie finds satisfaction in influencing big decisions through data science.


The value we bring

The Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence supports numerous areas across the company. In this video, three leaders from Corporate Finance, the Office of the General Counsel, and Agency describe the impact the data science team has had on the business.


New York Life’s inaugural Data Science Expo

The Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence hosted an event that showcased advancements New York Life is making in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). This event was attended by over 400 employees in person, and many more watched the individual project videos afterwards.

Recent news articles about the CDSAi team.

What makes us shine.

Data science team member - Glenn.

"The close collaboration between CDSAi, the business areas, and technology enables the team to make tremendous strides."

Glenn Hofmann, Chief Analytics Officer and Head of CDSAi

Shawn from the New York Life Data Science team.

"At CDSAi, our work matters. It’s highly motivating to know that as part of NYL’s data and AI initiatives, our models will make a difference within the business, and that we are driving decision-making in innovative and tangible ways."

Shawn Liu, Lead Data Scientist, CDSAi

Ankita from the Data Science Team

"I feel so fortunate to be on a team that is invested in my personal career growth and where celebrations of our successes is part of the culture."

Ankita Gupta, Lead ML Ops Engineer, CDSAi


New York Life is an Equal Opportunity Employer – M/F/Veteran/Disability/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity.