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How to have a scary but safe Halloween.

New York Life | October 3, 2023

Halloween is fast approaching, and while many people can't wait to go trick or treating, going out that night isn't everyone's idea of fun. For you stay-at-home types, consider these alternative ways to celebrate Halloween this year:

1.    Host a party

For lots of us, the highlight of Halloween is the costumes and having our own, or our kids’, costumes admired by everyone we know. Why not throw a Halloween party and have a costume competition? Best scare wins! 

2.    Decorate a lot and early

We all know someone who gets out the Christmas decorations in early fall. Well, this year, make it Halloween’s turn. Why not go big on decorations, get the kids involved in making them, and get them up and around the house in mid-October.

3.    Get baking

Second only to the costumes at Halloween are the candy and baked goods. So, gather everyone together and get baking. The internet is full of ways to turn ordinary delicious treats into spooky ones – cobweb icing, spider truffles, haunted house cakes and meringue ghosts. Get some inspiration online or find your own way to turn gorgeous cakes into gruesome bakes.

4.   Haunted house hunt

Take a page out of Easter’s book and have a candy hunt. Hit the lights and turn your decorated home into a house of horrors – that also happens to have quite a lot of treats! Some spooky music and a few unexpected thrills can be surprisingly effective in turning your familiar house into a fun, spooky scavenger hunt.

5.    Get a good movie

This is arguably how Halloween should always end anyway, cuddled up in front of a scary movie. And the great thing about setting this up at home is you can adjust the scare factor to family-friendly levels. If you have a big screen or a projector, all the better. But a few choice decorations and the right lighting can make it all much more atmospheric than your usual family movie night.


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