Get to know NYL Investments Chief Market Strategist Lauren Goodwin.

New York Life | May 13, 2024

Goodwin discusses her role and career path, including what it’s like to represent New York Life on TV.

Lauren Goodwin

If you’d asked Lauren Goodwin 20 years ago what she would be doing today, her likely answer would have been playing the piano professionally. Goodwin, who’s been with New York Life for six years, is a trained musician who’s just as comfortable doing a gig at a local club as she is giving commentary about the economy on CNBC. After a few twists and turns that tend to come with life, she’s now all in on her chosen path of helping investors plan for a secure future.

What do you do as an economist and the chief market strategist for NYLIM?

I lead a team of economists and strategists who conduct economic and market research with a goal to empower investment decision-making. We partner with NYLIM’s investment boutiques to share and pressure-test ideas, and to identify the most attractive places to invest.

Another important part of my role is to leverage our economic and investment views for great impact for our clients and business partners. Our research helps to put NYLIM out there as a thought leader and trusted expert among New York Life agents, financial advisors, institutional investors, and leaders across the company. Sharing or communicating those ideas takes many forms, from internal meetings – anything from senior leadership offsites to Actuary Day – to external venues, including at conferences, in our Market Matters podcast which I co-host, and to the media.

You tried for a time to make it as a musician – what did you learn from that experience?

I think the advantage of a career start and restart is that you get a sense of confidence that you might not otherwise have developed. It taught me early on that your career can’t be the only source of your identity. I care deeply about my job and I have a good sense of how quickly the world can move under you. As my mom says, it’s really how you do things that matters, more than what you do.

What are you focused on today?

In a multi-boutique structure like NYLIM, you need a good deal of collaboration. Each firm has its own field of expertise, and the challenge is to bring all of this together to give our clients the very best counsel. Doing this is a big focus of my team. Clients are concerned about a number of factors, such as the pandemic, war, and increased global competition. We help investors to focus on their goals by separating the signal from the noise and providing a durable sense of partnership so they know we’re there for them.

Some of our readers might know you from your appearances in the financial media. Tell us about this exciting part of your job.

My key objective when I do this is to leverage our research and help develop a preference for the New York Life brand among investors. It’s an enormous privilege and responsibility. To achieve the visibility and credibility that we want for NYLIM, we have to be bold and powerful, but not reckless. My media work is about being a consistent and trusted steward of the NYLIM brand. Also, you always have to be on when talking to reporters, who often ask very pointed questions, and that makes my research instincts sharper.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m probably listening to live music somewhere – anything from gypsy swing to electronic to classical. A tradition I’ve created is that every year for the past 13 years, my family and I go to the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, RI. That’s what I call a family reunion! I also do a lot of fiction reading on my commute, and whenever I can, I spend time with my husband and our adorable schnoodle, Hank.


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