How to use GenAI to enhance your professional development.

New York Life | May 17, 2024

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In this article series, we show you how to use generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to make your life easier. Our third installment offers steps for how to use GenAI to enhance your professional development.

GenAI tools like ChatGPT and Gemini can be great for anyone looking to advance their career. Whether you want to take your role to the next level or get a new position, here are six ways AI can help you:

1. Create a learning plan: Ask an AI chatbot for suggestions on how to advance in your role. Provide it with information such as your role description, level of experience, and desired future role. You can then ask it to suggest actions for growing your career. It’s not a substitute for talking to experienced people in your field, but think of it as an additional mentor.

2. Get expert feedback: Learn from positive and negative feedback by asking an AI chatbot to suggest how you can best improve your performance while playing to your strengths. Before meeting with your manager to discuss your career, you can ask an AI chatbot what is the best way to talk about career progression.

3. Accelerate your learning: Whether starting a new role or taking on a new challenge in your current one, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by how much there is to learn. Tools like ChatGPT and Gemini are great for helping digest new information, decode jargon, or hone your communications to suit your intended audience. Some prompt examples include:

a. “Rephrase the below email in simple language.”

b. “What key phrases and terminology should I know to appear knowledgeable to an audience of software architects?”

c. “Suggest some internet search terms that would help me learn more about machine learning.”


4. Create a game plan: You can ask AI to suggest a game plan for meeting your career objectives. Ask an AI chatbot for advice on what additional skills to learn, how to tailor your resume to enter a new area of the company, or what other field could benefit from your current skill set.

5. Polish your communication skills: A powerful way to use AI to enhance your communication skills is to ask it for feedback on your emails, text messages, social media posts, presentations, etc. Tell the AI your goal and ask for constructive feedback. And as always, strip out any personal or business sensitive details before uploading anything into an AI chatbot.

6. Enhance your decision-making: Ultimately, career development comes down to the choices you make. Not sure how to respond to a tricky work situation? Ask AI. In a conflict with a co-worker? Ask AI how to defuse the situation. AI is not a replacement for talking to your manager or HR, but it can help you work through your options.

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