How to use GenAI to prepare for a work meeting.

New York Life | May 8, 2024

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In this article series, we show you how to use GenAI to make your life easier. Our second installment offers steps for how to use GenAI to help prepare for a work meeting.

1. Create a meeting agenda

If you’re leading the meeting, you’ll need an agenda. There are various AI tools, including ChatGPT and Gemini, that can help you craft a compelling meeting agenda quicker than ever before.

The key is to feed the chatbot with enough information to enable it to create a plan that is well structured and relevant. You can input past meeting agendas, marketing plans, or project timelines. Prompting AI to generate an outline that is coherent, clear, and concise can help you keep the meeting streamlined, focused, and goal oriented. For example, you can tell the AI:

 “Create a meeting agenda for [UPCOMING MEETING] on [DATE] at [TIME], including topics such as [LIST OF TOPICS] and any other items that may be relevant, such as [ADDITIONAL ITEMS]. Please make sure to allocate appropriate time for each topic, providing enough time for discussion.”

While you should not trust AI to generate a flawless agenda, it can certainly give you some valuable ideas and a potential structure to start from. And as always, be sure not to put any personal or business confidential information into public AI tools.

2. Supercharge your research

Preparing for a meeting can be time consuming; the hours spent on research and planning all add up. AI can help you remove the drudgery, consolidating these tasks into a simple process – giving you time back to focus on other areas.    

Whether you want to increase your knowledge around a topic, expand on an existing idea, or update yourself on current trends, AI’s powerful analytical tools can help. By just inputting what you want to know into ChatGPT or Gemini – e.g., “Please list five effective performance marketing strategies” – the chatbot can help you bring some practical suggestions to the table.

3. Refine your meeting notes

Notes can become messy and disorganized, and it’s easy to get lost in the detail. It can also be difficult to listen attentively if you have to take notes. And then there is the risk that you will misinterpret your notes when you look at them later.   

Relaying the contents of the meeting to other stakeholders requires organization, accuracy, and transparency. AI can help you untangle your notes and make them appear more coherent and easier to understand, especially to anyone who couldn’t attend the meeting. As long as your notes don’t contain any personal or sensitive business information, go ahead and paste them into ChatGPT or Gemini and ask the chatbot to order, simplify, or clarify.

4. Summarize the conversation

Condensing your notes into a short, conclusive summary can be useful when conveying the essence of the discussion to colleagues or senior management. AI can help with this, although you should make sure to fact check its work as it’s not always completely accurate.

Remember when entering meeting notes or any work content into a public tool like ChatGPT or Gemini to strip out any personal, company proprietary or generally business confidential information.

Follow these tips and you will soon be able to streamline your meeting preparation, create more focused outcomes, and save yourself time.


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