5 reasons to still save amid high inflation.

New York Life | March 25, 2024

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At times of high inflation and rising living expenses, saving can seem like a daunting task. But with the right balance of financial strategies and informed choices, you can set yourself up for a prosperous future. Here are five reasons why it’s still important to save in today’s economy.

1. Planning for the future is as important as ever

When you are navigating challenging economic times, it can be easy to put off any thoughts of saving. However, creating a safety net that can protect you against rising living costs and provide security in unpredictable times is vitally important. And by planning now you can gain a greater sense of financial wellbeing and be confident in your long-term plans.

2. Saving for retirement early can pay off

Higher living expenses can make saving for retirement seem like a distant priority. However, setting money aside for later in life is an effective way to make your money go further and rewards those who start saving early.

If your employer offers a retirement savings plan such as a 401(k) plan, you should take advantage of it. You can benefit from additional employer contributions and tax advantages that offer attractive returns. And by saving into a retirement plan early you can benefit from compound interest as the returns generated accumulate over the years.

3. A balanced investment strategy can help navigate the cost of living

One of the advantages of high interest rates is that they reward those who save their money. By creating a balanced savings and investment strategy, you can take advantage of higher rates and put off some of those bigger discretionary spending choices until inflation starts to fall. A sound suite of financial solutions can involve a mix of cash savings, investments, and life insurance that can help protect against the impact of high inflation. Of course, all investments involve some level of risk, including a possible loss of principal. 

4. You may be able to save more than you think

High inflation can leave you feeling cash-poor. But by reviewing your current spending habits you can reduce your spending and save more money.

It can be easy to fall into inefficient spending habits. That’s why it can be beneficial to review your current spending to identify areas you can cut back on – say, for example, your subscriptions. The next step is to create a budget that helps you build up your long-term savings while maintaining your desired standard of living.

5. Proper financial preparation can set you up for future success

The economy always experiences its ups and downs, and the amount of money you can save at any given time will vary throughout your life. However, by saving whatever you can now your savings will soon grow – once you put a proper financial strategy in place that aligns with your needs and goals. Use one of our financial calculators to better understand your needs and remove the guesswork from goal setting.


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