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ETF offerings fit for Earth Day 2022.

New York Life | April 22, 2022

For over 50 years, Earth Day has driven positive environmental action, aiming to protect the future of the planet. Earth Day 2022 saw one billion individuals mobilized across 192 countries, calling for a revolution in our approach to the climate. Earth Day’s mission this year was simple: “Invest in our planet,” and New York Life’s environmentally focused IQ Dual Impact ETFs give investors an opportunity to do just that. Are you ready to join the movement towards a greener and more sustainable future?

In 2021 New York Life Investments was excited to launch the new suite of IQ Dual Impact ETFs, designed to harness the power of purposeful investing. This suite looks to capture the potential for financial gain through impact investing. Exchange Traded Funds offer investors a low-cost option for seeking market-based returns. With the prominent role Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors play in investment decisions today, it is clear that tackling big issues is big business.


Introducing… OCEN (IQ Clean Oceans ETF)

The IQ Clean Oceans ETF is an interest-based fund invested in companies and organizations taking steps towards mitigating harm to our oceans. From pollution reduction to cleaner shipping, OCEN aims to tap into the global blue economy while promoting products and services that support sustainable oceans. 

The blue economy is currently worth an estimated $2.5tn annually and is expected to grow twice as fast as the mainstream economy. 

OCEN is a diversified portfolio developed in alignment with Oceana, a leading organization working towards ocean conservation. This new investment opportunity provides a powerful, purposeful building block for any portfolio looking to increase their ESG securities.

Introducing… CLNR (IQ Cleaner Transport ETF)

Created in alignment with the National Wildlife Federation, CLNR invests in companies that are contributing to the advancement of sustainable transport. Travel and transportation are a hugely significant contributor to global carbon emissions, and addressing the sector is a key element of Earth Day 2022’s call to action.  

This Cleaner Transport ETF is committed to securities based around clean energy, efficient transport tech, and electric vehicles. Indeed, the clean energy market is projected to rise from $408bn to $1.2tn by 2027; with the electric vehicle sector following a similar trajectory in terms of rapid growth. 

Investing in CLNR ties your portfolio to future-thinking organizations, determined to address today’s energy challenges, through innovation and technology. 

Explore the IQ Cleaner Transport ETF here.

New York Life Investments, like Earth Day 2022, believes that large societal change can only happen when we work towards a common goal. As an organization, we continually strive to make a positive social impact. That’s why our IQ Duel Impact ETF suite has been developed with a focused double bottom line approach to ESG investing. This approach seeks to measure success based not only on financial performance, but also in relation to a business’s social impact.

Find out more about this opportunity with New York Life investments today.


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