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Life Insurance Awareness Month reminds us how fast life changes.

New York Life | June 26, 2020


September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, marking a yearly reminder to review your insurance policies and make sure you have the proper coverages in place to make sure you’re safeguarding your most important assets. The right policies can protect your pay check, possessions, property and the people you care about the most.

The pandemic may have sparked concerns about your life insurance and how best to protect yourself and your loved ones. Such uncertain times offer an important reminder to explore your insurance needs or review the coverage you have to keep you and your family secure.


Life changes, often unexpectedly

A lot can change in your life in a year. A first home, or moving to a new one. A new job, or the loss of one. A new baby, or a child growing up and leaving home. These are just some of the life events that can impact the type of insurance coverage you need.

No one wants to think about what might go wrong in your life, but the reality is that good and bad things happen and you need to be prepared. What’s more, with the right insurance in place, you’ll worry a lot less about unexpected or unfortunate events.

Remember, simple changes can make a big difference too. For example, if a shift in your working patterns leads to less driving, your insurance company might re-evaluate your rates.

Taking a defensive driving course, quitting smoking, losing weight, installing a home security alarm – all of these small steps can lead to significant savings on a wide variety of insurance policies.


Insurance is also evolving

Your life is constantly changing and the insurance market changes too, along with the options available to you.

New products, services, and solutions are constantly being introduced with new features, benefits, and costs to help you keep pace with your life. That’s why September is an opportunity to take a look at your policies and make sure that they still adequate for your needs.


Filling in the gaps

It’s also important to look carefully at your current policies to eliminate gaps in coverage, or to  potentially remove redundant coverage.  And insurance companies like New York Life are here to help.

During uncertain times, you want a company that can give you the right protection. New York Life is built for times like these. During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we can tell you what to look for in your chosen insurer to make sure you have the security and peace of mind you deserve.


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