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Employees get help to balance work and caregiving responsibilities.

New York Life | February 9, 2022

Much-needed support will be given to employees with caregiving responsibilities, thanks to a new partnership.

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions, a leader in the group insurance market, will collaborate with the digital care concierge platform Wellthy to offer their shared clients coordinated access to caregiving services.

Offering employees peace of mind through a comprehensive approach to benefits is vitally important.”

—Scott Berlin, senior vice president, head of Group Benefit Solutions and Group Membership Association Division

“We recognize that employees are often quite stretched between striving to do more at work while also balancing life responsibilities that can include taking care of their families and loved ones,” said Scott Berlin, senior vice president and head of Group Benefit Solutions and Group Membership Association Division for New York Life. “Offering employees peace of mind through a comprehensive approach to benefits is vitally important.”

Adds Founder and CEO of Wellthy Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, “Together, we have the opportunity to take the burden off of family caregivers while helping employers improve productivity and retain top talent.”

How it works

Wellthy matches families with a care coordinator to manage their care plan and take on medical, in-house, financial, legal, housing, social, and emotional tasks.

Services also include organizing records, communicating with family members, and researching treatment options.

Having someone take care of time-consuming administrative tasks can make a big difference, adding welcome support at what is often a difficult time.

Swapping stress for wellbeing

Having support with caregiving has made a significant difference to employees who have used the digital care concierge platform–as well as to their employers.

According to research, 90 percent of employees who used Wellthy reported feeling more engaged or less stressed at work, while one third said Wellthy’s support prevented them from taking a leave of absence or resigning due to caregiving reasons.1

“This concept partnership with Wellthy well-represents the innovative support we seek to provide to those employers and employees who place their trust in New York Life,” said Berlin.

“Providing a dedicated resource through our relationship with Wellthy allows employees to confidently know things are well coordinated for their loved one.”

Research shows that the majority of employees struggle to balance work with care. And many employees end up using leave time or sickness absence to try to keep on top of their commitments. This pressure from work on one hand and caring on another adds up, leading to sleepless nights and stress, which doesn’t bode well for performance at work.

By stepping in and providing support, employers can ease the strain when it is needed the most.  

 The majority of employees struggle to balance work with care2

  • 75 percent face some caregiving responsibility
  • 83 percent use sick or leave time to provide care
  • 92 percent report heightened stress, depression or trouble sleeping

As well as putting customer service at the forefront of what they do, Wellthy’s technology platform provides a dashboard where everything can be organized in one place.

The digital caregiving concierge manages healthcare for families with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs. This partnership is just one of the ways New York Life takes care of its customers. 

New York Life Group Benefit Solutions products and services are provided by Life Insurance Company of North America and New York Life Group Insurance Company of NY, subsidiaries of New York Life Insurance Company. Wellthy is not affiliated with New York Life.

Read the full Wellthy press release here.

 1,2 https://www.wellthy.com/for-employers


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