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Have you been impacted by Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey?


For New York Life clients impacted by the hurricanes, learn how we can help.

Media contacts.

Get in touch with us for media inquiries.

For corporate and governance matters:

Jason Weinzimer
email: jason_weinzimer@newyorklife.com
phone: (212) 576-7260

For life insurance, annuities, and long-term care insurance:

Terri Wolcott
email: theresa_m_wolcott@newyorklife.com
phone: (212) 576-5624

For mutual funds, ETFs, and investment advisors:

Jackie Meere
email: jacqueline_meere@newyorklife.com
phone: (212) 576-5301

Allison Scott
email: allison_scott@nylim.com
phone: (212) 576-4517

For New York Life Foundation, awards, and rankings:

Lacey Siegel
email: lacey_s_siegel@newyorklife.com
phone: (212) 576-7937


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Explore some of our thinking on a range of topics that are relevant to you.

Getting help with education loans.

Whether it’s for college, grad school, or a continuing education program getting an education these days is very expensive.

Lessons from high profile estates.

In the case of celebrity wills and estates, conflict is often inevitable. Estate-planning mishaps, however, can happen to any of us.

Discussing finances with your family.

Talking now can save heartaches and headaches later.

How the probate system works.

Sometimes it becomes necessary for courts to oversee the distribution of your assets upon your death. That’s where probate comes in.

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New York Life Foundation

We invest in programs that benefit young people, primarily in two focus areas: childhood bereavement and educational enhancement for middle schoolers. We also support national and local nonprofit organizations on behalf of our agents and employees.

About Us

Since its inception in 1979, the Foundation has been steadfastly committed to improving the lives of young people.

Our Strategic Grantmaking

Two key focus areas define our grantmaking approach: supporting grieving children and building academic foundations for middle schoolers.

Our Engagement

We are highly dedicated to engaging with the communities where we live and work – often in direct alignment with our funding focus areas.

New and Notable

Explore the wide range of active Foundation projects and initiatives through on-the-ground stories from our partners and staff.